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Strange thing about my penis when stretched

Strange thing about my penis when stretched

When I stretch my penis, there is a lot of tension in the upper middle part of the shaft. I’ll try to add a picture to explain what part I mean. The rest of the penis seems pretty relaxed. It seems like that particular part of my shaft is either shorter or less elastic than the rest of it.

1. Does anybody know what this mean? Is it a good or bad thing? Has somebody else experienced this?

2. Is there any special way that ├Żou should stretch a penis like this for best results?

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It’s normal - at least I hope so, because I have it, too ;-)
Here is a link to a thread about penis anatomy.
Take a look at the second picture: The part which you describe is the one containing the nerves and dorsal vessels (whatever this is).
I am always very careful when stretching so that I dont harm this part of my penis!

Bye, JohnJohn

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I think this comes from your ligaments being the limiting factor in your stretch. As you stretch, the ligaments hit their limit and stop the stretch. Since they are attached to the upper part of the tunicia, the load is transferred and this part of the tunicia becomes taught. I think you would best be served by doing BTC stretches to increase ligament length.

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