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Strange Edging experience


Strange Edging experience

Hi Guys, I started edging last week. Got myself close about 5 times a day for 5 days straight without blowing, 2 days ago I finally got some action with my girlfriend and was really interested to watch the fireworks! Trouble is, when I came it was a really disappointing orgasm and about 3 small drops of cum oozed out! I was expecting to have to clean it off the ceiling and hardly got anything!

What do you think happened? I haven’t edged or ejaculated since then. Has this ever happened to anyone else before?


It sounds like you where probably trying too hard when it was time to orgasm. You really can’t think about it when its time to orgasm, it should fly. Relax your mind.

I am going out on a limb here, I bet being your body was anticipating release so much that your pc muscles clamped tight. This forced the load into the bladder. I believe its called Retrograde ejaculation.

This is why I never hold off blowing a load after edging same thing happened to me. Now I edge and control the contractions when I blow. If I edged and hardly ever blew a load I would not have gained the same control during ejaculation. I know it sounds different but shit works for me.

If you go too long without ejaculating, the excess semen gets absorbed back into your body. I forget what the time period is - but I would not worry about it just producing a smaller load.

Now, that reminds me!

Listen, I DO NOT subscribe to this idea that


It is healthy for guys to blow several loads a week, prostate health. For somebody my age (50’s) I should ejaculate 3 or 4 times a week. For young guys I believe it is more.

The actual definition of Edging is more like this:


- go for at least 30 minutes before you blow your load. Try to get close a few times without going past the point of no return. Once you’ve gone for 30 minutes, then reward your self and ejaculate.

That being said, I don’t ejaculate every time I edge. It is still fun. Other times I do though. But I am not sure where you guys get the idea that you aren’t allowed to ejaculate when you edge. That is not true.

For what it is worth, 45 minutes is about as long as I edge, if I go longer I get negative PI’s. Your mileage will vary. I know some guys who cant edge much at all, negatively impacts EQ

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You might of had a retrograde ejaculation during your edging, then just not had much left in the tank when it was time to blow.

Originally Posted by sta-kool
If you go too long without ejaculating, the excess semen gets absorbed back into your body.

I thought it was just the sperm, not semen.

When you were edging did you ejaculate a little or go past the point of no return at all? How long were you edging times?

Maybe you didn’t have a full orgasm?

Go jerk off. Maybe it’s all still in there…

Thanks for all your replies everyone!

I was trying to get to the PONR about 5 times a day, I quickly got myself to the edge in about 5 minutes or so then backed off and let my erection go down and then repeated a few hours later. I did it every time I went to the bathroom. A couple of times a tiny, tiny amount of cum came out but nowhere near a full orgasm. The same goes for the sensations, I definitely didn’t go over the edge and have a full orgasm!

Did I do it properly or have I got it wrong? I just wanted to save up for a bit and then blast my woman with it when we got down to action!

I’m gonna read about retrograde ejaculations now, hopefully that’s not what happened! What a waste of a load.

I might be getting some tonight so I’m hoping it’s all still in the departure bay ready for take off!

Nobody has mentioned hydration yet. Keep your water intake up. Also, look in the supplements section for ideas to increase cum load. I swear by lecithin but you have to take it for at least a week to see results.

Also, sta-kool’s advice is right on (as usual). I personally think that not cumming after edging is counter productive.

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Well if a tiny amont of cum came out then you probably “broke” the seal and even though you didn’t feel it, some of the semen already leaked out. The same thing has happened to me even if I don’t have a full blown orgasm. Just try edging and really really paying attention to how it feels. Was the fluid that was coming out cloudy or just clear?

Damn, it’s likely I broke the seal then, cos the tiny amount that came out was white so it was definitely cum as opposed to pre-cum! I thought that with edging you had to actually feel the throbbing sensation of an orgasm and then stop? I basically got myself right to the edge, as in one more stroke and I’ll spurt, stopped and did a few kegels and then backed off completely and left my dick alone for several hours. Once or twice there was a seriously tiny, immeasurable amount of cum in the opening, not dribbling or shooting out.

I always keep myself pretty hydrated anyway, bare minimum of 2 litres of water a day for me! I experimented with Argentine, zinc and lecithin a few years ago but it never really made much impact on my volume. I’m willing to experiment further though! Unfortunately, I didn’t get any action last night so I’ve been unable to test whether if it’s still in there waiting to come out but I doubt it!

I drop monster loads but it seems more of a nuisance than anything. My girl complains there’s too much going on the sheets (and even walls sometimes?) and it totally puts her off taking a load in the mouth. She also complains about it trickling out of her during the day; this however always makes me smile!

Did you kegeled when you orgasmed? If yes, the chances are weak, but couldn’t it be a dry orgasm? Where you able to continue and have an other orgasm later or were you feeling like after any ejaculation?

Originally Posted by StretchNob
Damn, it’s likely I broke the seal then, cos the tiny amount that came out was white so it was definitely cum as opposed to pre-cum!

No need for the “DAMN”, you didn’t break any rules or anything!

Originally Posted by It’s getting big

She also complains about it trickling out of her during the day; this however always makes me smile!

Hahaha, this gave me a good laugh.

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