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stopwatch / timers

stopwatch / timers


anybody know anywhere that I can buy a timer for my stretches. For example set it to 30 mins and the buzzer to go fo every 30 seconds instead of me counting which can become quite tedious.

Also stretches and jelquing works both length and girth doesnt it


surely your mobile phone has a stopwatch on it? thats what i use!

I have looked for something like that but still have had no luck, could a program on the computer work for you? I have been studying up on C++ and have been planning on making some simple PE programs but my software doesn’t work with modern computers.

Stretches works length only, jelqs can increase girth.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

wish somebody would write a program like that

the mobile phone does 30 minutes but not at 30 second intervals

kruz and circusbizarre

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Egg timer at Walmart - $3

Just start the stopwatch on your cell phone and keep an eye on it every now and then, you don’t really need sound signal. I do PE while browsing forums, chatting on MSN, watching/playing poker etc. and don’t have problems with keeping track of time.

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I used to type in google, stop watch and use one of the links like 3down. You wait start the stretch with your left hand then click start after 30 seconds stop it. Releases grip and repeat steps but.Now I just hold the stretch for how ever long I feel like.

circusbizarre, do you have an iPhone? For those who are looking for a stopwatch I have been using the stopwatch in the Clock App for that comes with the iPhone.

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