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Question for Old Timers

Question for Old Timers

Hello to all. I have just come across this forum, what a great idea. My question for those that have been around for awhile, I’m just starting and right now I measure 7.25 by 5.5. Do you think it is realistic to shoot for 9.5 in length? Would I have to hang weights to get this? I have experimented myself with some weight stuff but never stuck with it. I was amazed to find that other people had the same idea! I hope by posting on this board it will drive me to stick with it. Thanks again……

Hey VegasMan! Welcome!

Do a search for “realistic gains” and you will find many previous threads to answer your questions.


Move a little closer, Honey.

I've got a big prick for you.

if you can put “years” into this - anything is possible!!

Welcome aboard VagasMan!!

Thanks for the info guys!

I think this forum will really help to keep me on track, in fact I’m more motivated to stay on

my diet now! Want to lose 15 more pounds.

Is it possible to gain 3+ inches?

When you hang weights, does it stretch the entire penis or just the base?

Wondering because if it works on the entire thing, it would seem you would want to hang from

near the end, not the middle.

As far as gaining 3+ inches, that is a hefty goal but some here have achieved it. It takes years and a lot of dedication.

For years I have said that if you want to make your dick one inch bigger, lose 30 pounds. Your 15 pounds will give you an extra 1/2” NBP and a sexier body at the same time. Well worth the effort.

Move a little closer, Honey.

I've got a big prick for you.

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