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Starting to clamp. Veins pop out lots, is this bad

Starting to clamp. Veins pop out lots, is this bad

Hey guys!!

I’ve been doing the newb routine for 2 months now and decided to try clamping. I noticed after my first try that veins that normally don’t stick out much ballooned out a lot when clamping. It actually scared me so I only clamped for a few minutes and stoped. I didn’t feel any pain and no wierd color except my penis went a bit red like blood forced in it which I believe is a good thing. I really want to keep doing this because I couldn’t believe how HUGE my penis looked when doing this!

My question is: When you clamp do your veins begin to pop out a lot.. I mean it’s like a bunch of worms under the skin rise out for you to look at. I’m a bit scared they might pop lol.. Well not funny.


2 months of the Newbie Routine isn’t really enough if you’re considering stepping up to clamping. I’d say stick to the routine for another month or so but I know you won’t, so instead read these threads - which you should have done already really if you’re considering clamping seriously:

Clamping 101 - The Clamping Guide
CLAMPING - Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

Any questions you could possibly have about clamping have their answers buried in these threads somewhere or other, so don’t get bored after a few pages, your penis will thank you for making the effort.

And yes your veins will become more prominent as you clamp.

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Starter Pics/Clamping Pics

Thanks for the links. "Mental note on search feature” :)

I read the info at the links and did some searches. Looks like it’s normal for vein poping.

Thanks for help!

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