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Any knowledge for guys with _really_ bad starting measurements out there?

Any knowledge for guys with _really_ bad starting measurements out there?


I was reading a thread where one guy (a one time poster) was sharing his problems with his incredibly small dick size.
He was stating that he actually has a -1” flaccid dick (sic! _minus_ one inch).

I don’t know if he was measuring (very) badly.. or got anxious and decided not to go any further in this “PE thing”.. or still believed in the darn dogma that “You just can’t increase your dick size<exclamationmark>”.
Maybe it was just someone bullshitting or a fake. (BTW: If so shame on you)

It nevertheless really got me thinking..

I mean we all know there is some statistical “proof” that points to this being possible:
If there are guys with very good measurements to begin with there _must_ be guys with really unlucky ones out there as well !

And we do know that there are ways to increase one’s dick size that actually do work, mainly thanks to the dedicated work and insights shared by all the nice people at TP).

(At this point I just have to say thanks to all the incredible people here on TP.. You know who you are even if you don’t know me ;) )

Now what I’m on about is this:
Is there some knowledge on how to increase the dick size of people starting very unlucky ?
Are there people that have good suggestions on how you could achieve good results on non standard sizes as well ?
Is there anyone willing to participate in a field test ;) of some sort (hoping this thread will yield some usable results, of course) ?

IMO we need a kind of a handbook, a FAQ so we don’t miss out on the people that don’t fall into the standard pattern from the start.
There’ll be some trial and error and it’ll take time.. Well this is something to be expected when doing PE in any case :)

Is there anyone willing to participate in such a project (be it as a participant or someone giving insights with new impulses to common PE knowledge) ?
Maybe, if we collected enough data we could compile a good FAQ out of these results.

I really wish we could get something going here..
It just can’t be that some people are ruled out from PEing, just because we failed to adjust known exercises / invent new ones that match their non-standard physics better.


P.S: Now let the flaming begin (I hope not; this is something really heartfelt for me.. Don’t misinterpret it as pity [which it is not] !)
P.P.S: And no, I’m not an expert in PE.. not by a far cry.. Heck even mentioning me and “being an expert in PE” in one sentence sounds plainly wrong. That’s why we need the help of both !

I have wondered about this, especially grips on manual stretches for guys with a very small starting flaccid. Often guys with very small starting sizes don’t post much, at least till they gain some.

Anyone have modifications that have proven helpful for doing PE with a very small or non-standard shaped pee-pee?

Running a Massive Co-Front.

yeah that was one of the things that made me curious..
I mean eg. where do you apply the stretch if you can’t find enough to hold onto ?
Go all the way to the pubic bone (like a bonepressed grip) ?
Maybe get in a partial erect state (one that still allows for flexibility while stretching, but helps you get a better grip ?

There are so many questions that only real people can find answers to :)


I think pumping would be an effective starting exercise for someone with a penis too small to grip for manual exercises.

Hm sounds like a plan.. Especially if you use the pumping as the starting exercise until you can get a more decent grip to eg. make some manual stretches (sounds like the first “real” exercise when starting off unlucky).

The way I figure it is that there just has to be some potential for gains via lig stretching.

(Otherwise it would be to hard to grab it for eg. using a hanger, do jelqs, etc. pp.)

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