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Starting over

Starting over

I have been doing PE with this site for 2 years. I have made minimal gains. I have taken over a month off. I am starting the newbie routine over again. Is this a good idea since before was into clamping and the more advanced stretches? Should I continue on the path on was on before I stopped? I feel like starting from scratch will allow me to get better results. Thoughts?

Also, unrelated…how to I get to post in the main members forum?

I’m not exactly a expert member but I would start from a point that is less than the last routine you was doing or start from scratch and build up, otherwise you could end up doing damage.

I have read of people going back on penis extenders and then getting fresh gains so it may apply here as well.

I think you need 300 plus posts for the main members section.

Go the newbie routine for the first week and see how you feel?

Just make sure that you use alot of heat and maybe even cooldown depending on what your opinion (on cooling down) is.

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