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Started8 newbie routine three weeks ago.

Started newbie routine three weeks ago.

I started the newbie routine about three weeks ago and the first week was a kind of a trial for me to learn how to jelq and stretch right.. The other two weeks were much better.
Important thing is I put much effort on kegel and I’ve noticed harder erections pretty quick.
Started at 6.1-6.2 in length and 4.8 base girth.
Measured now 6.3-6.4 and 4.9 near 5 base girth.

Is it possible that I’ve gotten bigger from the newbie routine so fast or is it probably better EQ?

Routine is like..
Warming up 6-8 mins
5 mins of kegel
10-15 mins of manual stretching
3 mins of kegel
20 +- mins of wet jelqing at 70% while trying to kegel. (Just normal ok sign and sometimes v jelqs)
Warming down 3 mins..

2/3 days on and 1 day off

So second question is do you think the routine is fine?

Can I change something if I want more girth than length?

And the last one is since I feel stronger EQ is it possible that its harder for me to cum in sex?
I could easily do more than 25 minutes before and I don’t wanna be “stronger” and I want to be able to cum faster
And not slower.

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Follow the Newbie routine for 3 months at least, increasing the amount of volume of exercises gradually. If You have some bad feedback, come back to the routine gave You good PI.

The bigger penis You’ve now might be the result from a better EQ. I think my gains are related to this too.

Welcome to the club, xeur. Your routine seems fine, and the gains could be newbie gains or better EQ. Either way, it’s a good thing!! Don’t worry about changing up the routine as long as you’re experiencing success.

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Girth might take longer.

If you stop gaining or dont like the way you gain then you need to do different.

But if you gain you better keep on doing what you do.

You could do more girth exercises like squezzes or higher %jelqs but it might also stop your gains. I would do the routine for at least another 2 months and then reevaluate.

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Btw it might sound strange but I jelq only with my right arm.. And stretch my sack and the skin of my penis down so I will have a strentched skin..

Is it ok?

Originally Posted by xeur


Btw it might sound strange but I jelq only with my right arm.. And stretch my sack and the skin of my penis down so I will have a strentched skin..

Is it ok?

Use 2 arms cause otherwise you might develope uneven sides.

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