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Started over... Now I am gaining

Started over... Now I am gaining

So I joined Thunders in December of ‘08. I started with the newbie routine and I stuck with it for several months. I did not gain at all from the newbie routine in those months. I figured the reason for this was because I was already doing a more intense workout before joining Thunders. So I started clamping and using my stretching device again (I was using the device before joining Thunders but dropped it after joining).

I did a pretty heavy duty clamping and stretching routine for alomst a year and I still did not gain anything in erect form. My flaccid was hanging lower and fuller but still no erect gains. I decided it was time to take a deconditioning break, so I did that at the begining of last March. During my deconditioning break I noticed a much better EQ and it was very easy to achieve an erection.

Now I have been back from my deconditioning break for about two weeks and I have been doing the newbie routine. Actually it is more like a step down from the newbie routine. Anyways I actually gained in those two weeks. I gained .1 inches in length and almost .25 inches in girth. I can’t believe it I thought I was never going to gain. Not only did I gain a bit, but My EQ is through the roof. Also I am horny all the time now… I feel like I am 18 again.

I just wanted to share this story with you guys and maybe get some input on how you feel I can maximize the efficiency of my workouts. That is definitely where I was lacking. For the last 5 or 6 years of my life I have been over working my penis. I was disappointed that I did not gain but now that I have clearity on the issue I am just happy I didn’t cause any serious damage.

I am going to continue with the newbie routine for a while. Now that I know what a growing penis feels like I am going to pay much attention to THE P.I.’s. I look forward to only gaining now with no set backs. In my mind the future looks bright for me and for you all as well. By the way my stats are 7 inches BPEL and 5.25-5.5 EG. It was a big break through for me to reach the 7 inch mark. It makes me feel like the sky is the limit.


Congratulations! Seven is also my short-term goal. I’m currently 6.5x5.5. My next goal will be 7.5. I’ll take whatever girth gains I get along the way.


Nice man

Start 2-31-10 ___ EL:4.3"_____ BPEL: 4.75" ____ EG: 4.25"

Current ________ EL: 4.9" ___ BPEL: 5.9" _____ EG: 4.6"

Goal ___________ EL: 6.5" ____ EG: 5.25" ______________ New Routine: Jelqing 5 minutes, then Hang (12.5 lbs.) for 20 mins. a day

Awesome gains

"If you build it, They will cum"

Congrats!keep up the good work.

Thats great. Two Thumbs up

Good job!

Running a Massive Co-Front.

.1” in 2 weeks!! That’s GREAT!! At that rate you will be over 1/2” in 3 months.

I am starting the newbie workout tomorrow for 3 months and hope I gain like that.

Originally Posted by AndyB123

….. For the last 5 or 6 years of my life I have been over working my penis.


This seem to be the most common cause of lack of gains, together with lack on consistence. Better doing a light routine, but consistently, than overwork but being inconsistent. Probably all those stories of vets with miracolous gains and extreme routines have put more than one guy out of road. That, and the kinda innate idea that ‘if a bit is good, a lot is better’. Just a thought.

Well done!

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