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Start PE now or later

Start PE now or later


This is my first thread to this forum and I have now done my first PE (newbie routine).

So I have some following question:

- I have only about 2 months time to PE before I will go on vocation for a month with my family. During that month I will probably have very little privacy. My question is therefore if I PE and making a pause in the procedure, will it make it harder to gain after the pause? If anything else is negative about pausing, I wonder that to`.

The thing is that after taking a long break, it is best to start all over from the beginning of the newbie routine in terms of using light force and short exercise times. So it is probably best to just wait and start for an uninterrupted start to your PE career after you return from vacation.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Start now.

Even if you don’t gain anything (or gain some and lose it all) you will gain proficiency in the exercises. Plus, you may also experience some of the secondary effects like increased EQ.

There’s probably nothing stopping you doing Kegels on vacation, or doing light stretches in the bathroom/shower.

Start: BPFSL/BPEL/MSEG: 158mm/143mm/109mm (6.2"/5.6"/4.3") (end Sep '10)

Now: BPFSL/BPEL/MSEG: 160mm/150mm/112mm (6.3"/5.9"/4.4") (end Oct '10)

GOAL: BPFSL/BPEL/MSEG: 190mm/190mm/130mm (7.5"/7.5"/5.1")

Wait until after vacation. Be consistent to a fault! You need to maximize the fact that your penis isn’t “tough” yet from too much exercise. These are the best times for gains. You want to be perfectly consistent your first six months for maximum gaining.

Start now. I am convinced that the safest way to continued gains is not allowing your penis to become conditioned to the exercises. This means doing it in spurts with long deconditioning breaks between. If your penis is not conditioned, you don’t have to increase the intensity of the exercises and the lower the intensity, the lower the chance of injury. Two months is long enough to make some gains, yet not long enough to become conditioned.

STARTING: BPEL: 5.9in EG: 5.0in

2016: BPEL: 6.25in EG: 5.25in

NOW (11/2017): BPEL: 6.7in EG: 5.3in

Start newbie routine now. This is just to get educated on different manual exercises and learning some of the ropes.

4Foreskin ;)

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