*squint* Stealth PE

I’ve been a member here for a long’ish time. Read lots and love it. You guys always give the good advice so I just wanted to run my stealth PE plan by you guys…

I had been doing PE off and on for a few years.. just last year I was really getting into it. Seriously doing the newb routine consitantly every second day without fail… I was getting great EQ and gains in length and girth. just a few mm but I was stoked… So after about four months of solid newb routin’ing I decided to up my game and I bought a Bathmate. It was awesome. I was mixing it in with my newb routine… doing 5-8 mins jelqs. Going in tube for 10. doing another 5-8 min jelqs, back into tube for 10 mins.. and finishing off the session with 5-8 min jelqs. I gained another few mm in length but girthwise I was had gotten about .5 inch.

I even hooked up with a girl I knew from highschool who is now escorting and got complimented. I was pumped about PE and didnt want to ever stop…. but then I had to move into a place with a roomate. So now my full blow PE regime has had to be shifted down gear. Basically jelqing+BM’ing is out of the question because i cant get enough bathroom time not to mention the clean up. So for now I have been trying to asemble easily done/concealed PE exersices.

Right now all I have been able to do if the first half of mems momentious rapid gain mechanism….

Basically a 20min manual inverted V stretch over a bottle in the mornings. If I can get into the bathroom to warm up I do.. or use the old facecloths and hotwater bucket. I was thinking of getting an electric heating pad. So I wouldn’t have to leave the room and draw attention.

So far so good. I got a few mm’s in length an lost a few mm in girth :( …. It bugs me to imagine what the gains would be like if I was stretching in the morning and doing my newb/bm routine at night… sigh one day.

SO the point I was getting to is I have orded some clamps. I was thinking if I can’t BM i might as well clamp right? My new routine would look like

Morning: 20min Vstretch
Night: 10min Ballooning. 10 Min clamp. 10min Ballooning. 10min clamp.

I may throw in some dry jelqs but I am not a huge fan…. any tips pointers or modifications to the routine plz let me know!

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