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Soreness and problems getting an erection

Soreness and problems getting an erection

Hi there guys,

I guess I’m the newest member here at ThundersPlace, I wish my first post was filled with better news, but it isn’t. Hopefully you guys can help me.

I’m not here to bash or discredit the system, so pardon my lack of written English were it seems insufficient.
I’ve been reading the site - without registering- for about 2 weeks now. I’ve been wanting to start on the newbie routine ever since I read it, but considering I’m extremely busy at the moment trying to graduate, I decided I would start when I was certain I had more free time to dedicate to the routine. Last night, however, I had about an hour to kill, and I decided to do the newbie routine to see how it would feel. I guess curiosity got the best of me. I decided to do with in the shower, and made sure the warm up was a bit more than 5 minutes. Actually, it was a light-version of the newbie routine, I only did about half of the reps recommended, except for the warm-ups, who were done a complete 5 minute. I made sure not to apply too much pressure, and did not feel any pain or discomfort at any moment during the routine.

My penis felt kind of numb/sore afterwards. I didn’t think anything of it, cause it was my first time. However, since then my penis still kind of feels weird, it’s been about 24 hours now. I haven’t really been able to get a decent erection ever since. Usually I can get an erection extremely easy.

This started worrying me. A few hours ago, I tried once again to masturbate just to test if I can get an erection, it wasn’t completely hard but it got up for a few seconds. Of course having read the warning stickie (of Erection Dysfunction), I started to mildly panic. However, that single erection I had for a few seconds, hours ago, kept me a bit more calm.

Now I have to admit (after all I am anonymous on this site) that when I’m extremely busy like I’ve been lately, I masturbate like crazy. I masturbated a lot last night prior to attempting the routine. I assume that it was the masturbation coupled with the PE routine that is causing fatigue in my penis. However, hopefully understandably, I am still very worried and scared.

My question is obviously aimed at the senior members/ moderators, who are more experienced with the PE system, but perhaps other newbies have similar experiences that can help.

Is this normal? In other words, have you guys ever heard or experienced that someone who masturbated too much while doing the routine suffered from some kind of injury or the likes? Is it normal to go a day without being able to have an erection? Is the Erectile Dysfunction some people have experienced struck me if I were still able to get an erection ( though I had to work hard for it?)

Sorry this post was so long, but I tried to be as precise as possible as to avoid information that might be vital in me getting an answer.

Thanks in advance!

Do you still have numbness? If not I bet you are just overworked and leave your penis alone no matter how much you want to check if it will get erect until it does so on it’s own like morning wood. If you really feel like something is wrong then see a doctor as soon as possible.

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What your going through is very normal. You penis is not used to any stretching so this is just a defence mechanism. It is very normal to not be able to get erections for a day, even up to weeks. Just go at it slow and eventually your penis will get conditioned to the forces your applying to it.

Do not panic little buddy.

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I’m guess that if you’re wanking a lot,(sounds like you are) and also overworked your penis with PE, your erection quality (EQ) is going to suffer. Stop masturbating for a couple of days, don’t PE and see if it improves. If not get to a doctor.

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Get worried only if you feel numbness when erect, or a tingling sensation. Low EQ could go on for some days or even a couple of weeks, this doen’s means necessarily that you have ED. Half of the newbie routine is way too much for many - you know, a guys can bench 200 for ten reps the first time he go to gym and the next day be fresh and energetic, another one can bench half that and feel worn for a month or even get ill.

Check if hairs on your palm start growing.

Ok, I’m joking now, but masturbation can’t be your major hobby.

By the way, newbie routine in the shower means soap for jelqing?

Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply.

Most of the posts have made me feel a bit better. My penis still feels kind of weird, no pain or discomfort though. It feels like (I don’t know if any of you are familiar with this feeling) , I had way way way too much sex the night before. I guess perhaps it was the warning I read that made me a bit paranoid. I will hopefully have morningwood when I wake up later, if not the day after, if not I’m killing someone.

I will try to find better hobbies than masturbating (wish me luck on that one), and do my best not too play too much with my willy.

@ Marinera: Yeah, shower meant soap for jelqing this time around, it was an unplanned event you could say. And even though I have no hair in my palms, my eye-sight has gotten atrocious.

If anyone else has anything to add.and I mean ANYTHING that might help me sleep better. Please post!

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Never soap for jelqs anymore. And don’t kill anyone in the odds days.

Just to add to make you sleep better. You didn’t mention still having numbness and described it like having too much sex. That is exactly the feeling of too much fatigue. I think you are fine just lay off it for awhile. Marinera is absolutely correct about the soap that stuff at best will make your unit peel like a snake and at worst will kill your sensitivity down there.

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Here is my small experience with PE.
I started 5days ago with 2 ON 1off newbie routine. In the 3rd day I felt a little sore. Since then I switched to linear newbie routine: 5min warmup+jelq+testicle massag+5min I removed the stretching. Also now I’m testing with the number of jelqs. Yesterday I did 3min .. And was too much for me.. Tomorrow I’ll switch to less.

My advice: let your unit rest for couple of days, if you want to restart PE, use lubricants(no soap!), and start very slowly.
Linear newbie routine I think is the safest approach.

Good luck!

First of all, STOP masturbating. Make an agreement or something with yourself to do it once a week, on a resting day.
Secondly, penis numb after training? Well that’s weird , you are training it. It’s not weird at all. The 24h period might tell you
that you are training it a bit too hard, but then again you’re just starting out.
Also, if you need a lubricant just use some massage oil. They’re easy to get and relatively cheap.

Start out slow, build up over time. It might seem that you are ‘weak’ because you can’t handle a lot of pressure and or repeats,
but it will only tell that you probably gain easier since you’ve got a low tolerance level. (It is for me at least).

Take your time, and remember the famous saying by one of the vets here (don’t remember who it was):
It’s a marathon, not a sprint!

Good Luck on gaining!

Numbness? Loss of ability to gain erection? Normal? - definately not. Stop PE immediately, no stretching, no jelqing. Stop masturbating like crazy. In fact stop completely. Don’t have sex.

My advice, write out a report in as much detail as possible how the injury occured and what you’ve experienced with it since, including attempting masturbations etc. Then go see a doctor as soon as possible and tell him what happened and hand him the report.

Also, don’t freak out. I think the symptoms you’re describing are probably not that serious and will be reversible and will heal if you leave your penis alone, but on the otherhand it is just possible you have done some nasty damage, nerve damage, for instance, is possible and if you’ve got an injury that might concern penile nerves, you’re gonna wanna get diagnosed by a doctor immediately.

Best of luck :)

Tweaking, you tell him not to freak out after freaking out about it yourself? That’s an interesting trick. The guy is getting erections and the soreness was not out of the ordinary.

To the original poster. You are going to need to be mindful of how you mix in masturbation and sex with your PE. I describe what you had as “tired dick feeling.” As you said, it’s exactly like if you’ve had too much sex or masturbation the day before. The reasons are quite similar, the tissues in that area have been overworked. Unlike when you do it happens with sex or masturbating, you can get it just through your 30-60 minutes of PE exercise. Especially in the beginning phase, you probably want 24 hours between your PE session and masturbating or sex. So if you masturbated or had sex at 9 pm on Monday, you probably want to wait until Tuesday night to do it. Likewise, if you know you are going to have sex on a given day, don’t plan PE for that day, or maybe even the day after. If you are having any of that feeling during the day leading up to your PE session, then I would suggest not doing it until the following day. Your next time through you may want to go easier grip too if you had that much residual tired dick feeling.

The first few times I did PE I had the same tired dick feeling afterward. It wasn’t anything alarming, just exactly as you described, like I had popped off two or three times during sex the night before. I waited until that feeling was more than a day in the past before doing my next PE set. Likewise if I knew I’d be having sex that night I would skip that PE day as well. Now, a couple months into it, I don’t get that tired dick feeling from my PE exercises anymore. I usually don’t get it even if I have sex that same day, and I don’t have to worry about my dick wanting to go up shortly after my PE session for being too tired. Less is more, ease in slow. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

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If I grip too hard during stretching or apply too much force and jelq to just behind my glans I tend to lose a bit of sensation, everything else you describe just sounds like a low EQ due to over training.

I’ve been doing PE for years and I only now is my unit able to cope with the newbie routine.

Just give it a couple if days

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