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Soreness in Penis.


Soreness in Penis.

This is my 5th attempt at PE over an 8 month span and I am about to give up hope. My biggest problem with PE is that I get soreness on the sides of my penis near the base. And usually a small, shriveled, firm flaccid with terrible EQ is sure to follow. Please help my figure out what I’m doing wrong.

My current routine consists of warm up, 5-10 minutes of jelqs, warm down. I used to follow the newbie routine but that involved stretching which seemed to really fatigue my penis and again leave me with no EQ. When I jelq I barely squeeze my penis because I am trying to avoid another injury, slow and steady wins the race right. I also made a homemade power jelq because I felt like it would give my more control and be less stressful on my penis since it only hits the top and bottom. I began using this with no signs of problems for about a week. I had great EQ and a huge flaccid hang. Then after my 4th or 5th exercise I noticed a little soreness so I decided to quit until it went a way. As many people have suggested in other threads, I have also begun to heat and gently massage my penis. I have been doing this for about three days but the soreness is still there and I can barely maintain a 70% erection. My girlfriend is starting to wonder what the hell is going on because she has never had a problem with keeping me hard.

What can I do here? I am beginning to think that it is impossible for me to PE. All help is welcome, thanks for the support.

Stop doing any exercises on your penis.

You are damaging it by continual jelqing etc. when you should, and must, give it rest.

Take at the very least two weeks off, avoiding masturbation, and if you can, sex with your GF.

Until you allow it to heal you will contiinue to experience those problems which are classical signals of damage to your penis.

If at the end of two weeks there are still symptoms of damage then don’t do anything until the damage is repaired.

When you are able to start again take it very easy.

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Thanks so much for the advice. I take breaks each time this happens, including one break that lasted about 2 months. Whenever I think I’m healed and I start PE again the soreness returns.

When you re-start. cut right down on the exercises. If necessary, just a couple of minutes. And see if that causes problems if it does then you will either have to quit or change the routine. completely.

It may be that pumping would be best for you, as you would then apply equal pressure along your penis which is very controlable.

Do you bruise easily? If that is the case then pumping with low vacuum is the way to go.

Rather than buy the pump and tube you could try a tube with a connector and use a piece of plastic hose , then create the vacuum with your mouth. If you find that better then buy a pump with a gauge. But start with a low vacuum 2-3 Hg and see if that helps.

PS. If you are unsure what size you need you might want to give your measurements. and one (or more) of us can give you an idea of what to buy.

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Actually I have never bruised or seen red spots, which I read is pretty common. I guess thats why its hard for me to pickup on the warning signs that things aren’t going well.

Originally Posted by bill6275
Thanks so much for the advice. I take breaks each time this happens, including one break that lasted about 2 months. Whenever I think I’m healed and I start PE again the soreness returns.

Taking to much time off can be a problem as well because you’re defeating the purpose of trying to condition your penis to handle the stresses of PE, which are extreme as a newbie from what I remember. Try only taking a week or two off as was suggested if you get too sore, and try avoiding those enormous breaks which seem due to frustration, rather than an attempt to fully recover, if I’m reading you right.

Also, you may want to mix it up. Slow and steady jelqs can be gruelling for a newbie. Try edging, some jelqing, and light bends, and just try to condition your penis. Do this every other day until you are ready to go to a 2 on 1 off regimen. At this point you may need to find your way with something more intense.

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Great stuff Clubber! I haven’t done PE for about 4 days and I will continue to refrain for another week or so. Do you guys think that I could have permanently damaged my penis? Every time I try to PE it gets sore and wont get hard for a few days. My biggest concern is that I’ll have ED by the time I’m 35-40. I’m 27 by the way.

So given my described symptoms, could I have a permanent injury here?

No, its likely not permanent. I can do my routine, and feel mild soreness, yet get a raging hard on. The main concern is you experience erection problems after your routine, which means your pushing it too far. Soreness isn’t as bad as some people will advise, as long as your eq is maintained after your routine. Usually my penis will retract for 20 minutes to an hour, then everything returns to normal.

Honestly though, if your body doesn’t feel right, and ED is a concern for you - then you have to rethink things. I never worry about ED, and I never have erection problems. You always have to consider the mental aspect, where you might be scaring yourself out of an erection. I think any pain during an erection is likely not a cool thing, as I’ve mangled my unit pretty good, and never felt actual pain - other than my lig area.

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I’m experiencing pain on the sides of me penis near the base and a little on the base itself. I think I’ve heard people call this area “the fat pad”.

Is this where the ligs are located?

I felt the same pain at first. Took it easy for a while. Did not stop all the way, and now I can work it hard for days and days without the pain returning too much. It’s still there a bit but my EQ is better then ever. Listen to your penis. It will tell you how much you can workout.

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Yeah it sounds like a ligament injury, since that is the area where they’re located. If you’ve pulled or strained a lig that could explain your symptoms. Can take a long time to heal and possibly be sensitised to further injury.

Newbies generally get gains (in varying amounts) by stretching those ligs, so when you do stretching or wet jelqs you’re pulling on those ligaments. If you’re carrying an injury there, then everytime you do an exercise you’re stopping it from healing and/or functioning, which I guess could cause the ED.

I’m not an expert, but you may consider taking another break until it feels completely healed once again and then getting back into it extremely slowly, so you can stretch those ligs out without re-injuring them (if that is the problem).

In the meantime, if you like, you could try doing dry jelqs, which, if performed as properly, cause little if any stretching force on the penis, but are great for EQ and generally used as a girth exercise. If you try those and find that you don’t get sore, that might tell us something.

Also you may wish to try V or A stretches, since they should also put less pressure on the ligs.

Hope that is helpful! Goodluck :)

Great stuff. Thanks so much to everyone who has helped me with this problem. I plan to start PE back in about 7-10 more days (unless I am not yet healed) and I will let you know how it goes.

Hey if you get firm flaccid and soreness, and it goes away after a while, I would seriously just be happy with what you have dude.

Alot of us that get firm flaccid do not heal, so whatever you’re doing to cause it I would suggest to just stop.

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