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Sore forearms? I must not be jelqing right.

Sore forearms? I must not be jelqing right.

On my quest to hit the average EG of 5 and then some, I have been scrambling around all the forums trying to soak up as much info as I can on girth exercises. I’m not really a newbie (a little over a year now), but after trying Uli’s and Horse440’s I am in a back to basics phase right now. For more info on that see the thread titled “No girth in 8 months” (not sure how to link).

There’s one thing I’ve run into a number of times on jelqing that really got me scratching my head. What is all this talk about sore forearms? One quote said something along the lines of you would need forearms like Popeye’s biceps to be able to jelq 5000 times. Others talk about how hard it is on their arms in general. Pardon my French but… what the fuck? I don’t feel anything at all and I’m not the hulk either. I get the grip, I get the basic motion, but can someone fill me in on where the arms come into this?

Some guys just feel sore forearms when first getting to grips with manual jelqing, as it’s an unusual motion for your arms to take. I suppose you could compare it to sore fingers during the first weeks of learning to play guitar - your body is just getting used to the feeling.

If you don’t get sore arms then great, more power to your elbow. :)

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I got the whole soar forearm thing when I started out, also when stretching too, now I could arm wrestle a bear and probably rip that big bear paw of his off.


They say that one of the most underdeveloped muscles when bodybuilding are the forearm muscles. Most people don’t pay attention to them because it doesn’t seem important, but just try chopping down a tree with no forearm muscles and you’ll see how important they really can be!

Just take a look at anyone working construction as opposed to someone who hasn’t done any manual labor in his life.

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I never had forearmpain, but did experience pain in my muscles in my hand, especially the hunk of meat between my thumb and forefinger, got plenty sore, it took me a while to figure out what it was. Well, not that long. It hurt and I couldn’t figure out what it was ‘til I tied to jelq again, then I knew immediately what was wrong.

PS, you’d have to have forearms like Popeyes, his biceps are in fact non-existent. Jus’ sayin’

Right right… I forgot his biceps only show up when he eats spinach. Haha, Popeye is a pretty weirdly constructed fellow now that I think about it. But back to my point… it’s not just that I can’t feel anything, but I don’t really see how you could (especially with wet jelqing). I mean, aren’t just milking your dick with a light grip? Where does the forearm flex “like you’re chopping a tree down” or “working construction” even come in?? I see the guitar thing, because there is a clear pressure from the strings applied directly to your fingers. Is it because I am at 4.5 EG that I don’t feel like I’m moving a mountain but more like a mound of dirt?

I’m only asking this because I want to do something about my girth, but I don’t want to diagnose myself as a hard gainer and start clamping if I’m just jelqing incorrectly.

I don’t know, but the most helpful thing any one ever told me about how much pressure to use was this. Imagine a smooth stick, completely covered in honey. Wrapping your thumb and forefinger around the stick, slide it toward the end with enough pressure to get all the honey off but not so much you’ll get splinters. It helped me, if you’re squeezing like that while you jelq, I’d say you’ve got it, and be glad your arms and hands aren’t sore. That’s not the body part we’re trying to build. Good luck.

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