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Something to think about

Something to think about

I’ve almost been PEing for a month now, but I was thinking about different things that could effect potential growth.. Here they are..

Vitamins A and C are main vitamins that help nature the grow of children, could consuming more of these vitamins be an advantage?

Vitamin C is supposedly supposed to help a person’s body heal, any chance of healing quicker so that more you can PE more often?

Carbonated drinks? I have no idea whether or not these would effect gains in any way, but if they do, I would assume it’s effects are negative

These are just some things that I have been thinking about, however, if anyone would like to add anything or comment on what I have said, feel free to do so

Those are good questions hopefully some one knows, I also heard taking ginseng extract promotes bloodflow which should help Jelqing excersises

Hi tom234098,

Do a search on vitamins or supplements, etc and you should be able to turn up discussions on vitamin C. Also this may help: Shiver has done a good job analyzing C and many other supplements, so by looking at his past posts you can find out much information that way. I believe C is thought to possibly hinder PE, but I continue to take it anyway because of the health benefits. I still grow from PE, but whether C is slowing me down or not is uncertain. I’m not a fast gainer, but I’m not a hard gainer either <shrug>. Since I take many supplements, some may offset that by helping PE (for instance, possibly fish oil helps).

Consensus: vitamin C?

Something I found on a on a quick search of the site, I will definitely be looking for any other articles.

Just from reading similar articles, water seems to help gains a lot.

Zinc is also good for prostate health, I heard cucumber juice works miracles too!


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