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Someone with similar size 6 x 6

Someone with similar size 6 x 6

Hello everyone I’m new to this whole jelqing experience. I’m currently 6 x 6 and I was wondering if anyone with similar starting stats (or anyone for that matter) could help me out to achieve length in a quick way. I’m currently not really looking for girth just length. If someone with the same starting stats could post a routine they used to gain length quickly I would really appreciate it :) Thanks!

Welcome cosmic.

Seems that everyone new to PE is looking for that magic exercise that’ll give them instant results (I’ve been there).

Unfortunately you probably won’t receive the answer you’re looking for because, as you’ll read many times here, everyone is different. I was lucky enough to see 1” length gain in 2 months through mainly jelqing and stretching for 30mins every other day. However, others would only see little or no results using this routine.

Just give the newbies routine a try and see for yourself. You may be fortunate and see some quick results as many newbies do.

Use the search function to find your LOT as this could be benificial for finding the right exercise to trigger your length gains.

Good luck.

I started PE at 6 x 5.75. If I had to do it all over again (OH, NO!) I’d do it the same way I did before. Work up _very_ slowly on each exercise: jelking, stretching, pumping, hanging, whatever. Condition your dick in a slow and steady way, adding just a little bit more each time you work out. Give it some stress each session but don’t beat it up, ever.

Visualization is more important than we usually give credit to it. You’ve got girth, so you can relax totally about that. All you have to focus on length. Keep your head into willing length gains while you exercise, imagining what you dick is going to be like in three months or six. This is much a head game, I think, as it is tissue manipulation.



Two very wise replies.

Thanks for the great replies they are greatly appreciated. Avocet what is you’re current length and girth ? I’m going to go ahead and start on the newbie technique and listen to avocets advice about visualizing :)

There’s a record of my gains on Size’s Data pages. This is a very useful tool for all of you in tracking your gains.



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