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Some points about grips and LOT

Some points about grips and LOT

Happy new year everybody.I am jelqing(only) for about a month consistently,2 days on-1 off,10 min warmup with warm water,10 mins main session,10 min warm-down warm water.the second month I’m planning to increase main session by 5 mins and l8er I will practise 20 min jelq sessions..

My tugback is stronger between 9-12,as it seems I’m on the low LOT side..

So,I have 2 questions for the more experienced in PE,considering the fact that my LOT is low,the grips(standard OK and overhand OK) should be applied both at higher angles?or the standard—->high angle and overhand—->low angle?

My second question is about the grips again.It is better to use overhand-standard,overhand-standard,.,or half session overhand continuously,half standard continuously?

Sorry for my bad English.anyway your help will be really appreciated.


Bad English we can work with. Chat speak we won’t-ever. The space bar, located at the bottom of the keyboard should be used between a “.” and the beginning of a new sentence. A “,” is used to separate items on a list and a “;” is used to connect to like thoughts that would be incomplete sentences on their own. Please get to know the Forum Guidelines so that the spelling police don’t come down on you to hard, and I’m one of them ;) , let spell check be your best friend.

Now that the English lesson is over with, don’t worry about LOT. I don’t think it matters too much about over or under hand grip.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Well, even though you said you were sorry about your bad English, I’ll have to get on your case for not using capital letters at the start of a sentence, and for not using spaces after a (.) or a (,). It just makes it harder to read your post, and you’ll get less responses. So, try to correct that, thank you.

When it comes to LOT, there are a couple of really lengthy discussions about the anatomy of the pubic region, and nowadays the consensus around here seems to be that it’s a neat theory that isn’t supported by very much - if anything - at all. So my suggestion is to forget about LOT and pull in all directions, using all kinds of grips that are comfortable enough to get a good strong pull without strangling yourself.

regards, mgus

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