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some info from PE users?

some info from PE users?


I’m fairly new to this stuff…currently I have the PJ device (it has 2 rollers with a handle and when you squeeze the handle the rollers come together like jelqing) and it works great, I’m just curious on a few things.

1) what are the benefits of using the PJ device and doing bends in a erect

2) Is it possible to be doing PE routines and having it do the opposite like making your dick smaller?

3) Lastly, when I use my PJ device, should I just use it so that the rollers are on the top and bottom of my penis or should rotate it so that I also do the sides of my penis also?

Hopefully some of you pro’s out there with some good knowledge can help, good luck to all and hopefully you guys can lend some advice, thanks!

Welcom A.

Hey, ya might not want to try the side to side jelq, I think its more trouble than anything, because I tried it and it doesnt seem to work right at All that way, that main vein runnin down the Center of your ish…supports the rollers better.

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It is hard to use the thing sideways, however, if you are going to use it, this is the safest way. Using it horizontally puts all the pressure on the dorsal nerve and the dorsal vein on top and the tender CS on the bottom, the very areas every hanger worth its salt is designed to avoid. However, I do use the damned thing, and I think it has helped with girth a little, but I wonder at what cost.


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