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Some guys want it too big



I appreciate your chiming in. Somewhere between 6” and 7” girth seems to be the place to be. I’ll just have to take it bit by bit when I get to 6”, which will probably be soon. I still find it hard to believe, though, that 6” is very uncommon. Don’t ask me why; I don’t have any evidence for this belief.


I’m very sympathetic to your goal of wanting to rock a girl back and forth to cds orgasm. Sometimes, though, it’s still good to bang the shit out of them. It all depends on mood. And, variety is the spice of the sex life, as of life generally.

Darth Cheney,

Please don’t think I’m criticising you. I’m glad you’ve expressed your views. I think you are right in that many men think the way you describe: sex is power, an attempt to dominate the woman. And what better to do it with than a big dick? But there are two points that need to be made here. First, this is not true of all men, even if it is true of most men. Some men don’t derive pleasure or any sort of satisfaction from treating women (or people generally) this way. Dino’s comments above represent one example of someone who thinks differently than you. Two, and more importantly, just because most (or even all) men think and behave in the way you describe, this would not mean it is the way we SHOULD behave and think. In philosophy, this is called confusing an “is” with an “ought.” So the key question is: How should we think of and treat women sexually? In my opinion, it’s better to give than to receive; or, we receive most when we give most. Again, as Dino well said, I derive great pleasure from bringing a woman to the peak of sexual satisfaction, from taking her to a place via sex where she and I lose ourselves in ecstasy, which is what ecstasy is all about! You just don’t get that when attempting to pound a woman into submission. So, sex as a mountain top experience, or sex as a war of all against all? We each get to choose. But the former is the greater power; or rather, the latter is no real power at all, but a faulty attempt to compensate for the felt sense, conscious or unconscious, of the lack of power. True power does not seek dominance; it does not need to.


Thanks for your feedback and for your insightful comments. There are only two points on which I disagree with you. One, I also don’t think that the goal is to own the woman sexually. Quite the opposite, I should like to set them free. Liberation, ecstasy, transcendence—the mountain top again! Just as there is no craving for dominance if you already possess power, there is also no aspiration to own someone or something if you already possess everything. Two, and relatedly, I myself am not trying to be the best lover a woman has had. That is, I do not see myself as in competition with other men. Rather, I’m in competition with myself, with certain goals and ideals I’ve set for myself (which most other men don’t have an interest in anyway). Being individuals, each woman I have sex with brings something different to the experience. And though some of these women have been good lovers and others bad lovers, there is no woman whom I could say has been the best. At a certain point, it’s like comparing apples and oranges, and I like both and many other types of fruit. Accordingly, I indeed aspire to be a good lover, and even to be the best lover I can be. But I don’t think it’s either possible or desirable to be the best lover someone has ever had. Anyhow, that’s my poor opinion.

Damn you all! I will be 13X8 some day, I will!

The great thing about PE is that you can get big for the young thangs, then add some more for the MILF’s when you are older.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

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