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Some guys want it too big


Some guys want it too big

I notice a lot of guys on here want to have 9 inch penises. Too me that is too long. I would never want to be any longer than 8 inches and that is pushing it. As far as girth goes anything over 6.5 and you’ll have trouble not hurting a lot of girls, Trust me I’m 6.25 girth and almost every girls I’m with is very sore after sex (too me not a good thing). Point being it should all be about plaesure not pain. The more girls you pleasure the more you’ll get.

Yeah, a lot of people have warned against getting it too big already, but we have learned to respect their goals. Sometimes, the goal changes when they see how big they get when they get to something like 7X6 or 8X6 and they don’t want anymore. If they still want 9X7 I just respect their goal and encourage it.

A lot of it is over compensation. After feeling inadequate (whether that is true or not), a guy often wants to make sure that never happens again. A lot of guys want dicks that no one would ever call small, as opposed to what is really practical for sex. And with all the monster dong porns out there these days, a woman’s ability to accomodate (and preference) is probably distorted.

I honestly would be happy never having sex again as long as I had a 10 inch dick because I want women to be shocked when I pull it out?That probably sounds stupid(well it does)but I’m a huge porn fan and I think thats where my complex with my dick comes from because I’m not small at 7.5 bpel and 5.6 eg but I just want a abnormal penis size,lol.

Yeah! My girlfriend was really sore after sex this morning and my penis isn’t big (check my sig.). I can’t imagine being too much bigger.


I dont know if you would agree, but I think that if girls are sore after sex, it has more to do with girth than length.

I would say get length as long as you want and go as deep as you gril want it, but check out your girth size.

Size does matter.

All you guys have this fantasy, being the guy your ex-girlfriend talks about to her new boyfriend as being the biggest cock she ever had. Even if she didn’t like it :)



You make a really good point and raise a really important issue. I agree. Personally, I’m not interested in having a cock that’s going to stupefy women when they see it. But I do want one that is maximally suited for pleasuring a woman, and therefore pleasuring me as well (within some standard range of what is ideal for different women). The thing is, one can’t know what this size is BEFORE one gets there. Here is where the porn thing comes in, as others have commented. Let’s face it, we’ve all watched some porn. Speaking for myself, I’ve never seen an erect penis (other than my own) anywhere other than in a porn film. So I don’t really know what’s common, what women find ideal, and what is too much for most women. I really appreciated the thread here at TP that was started about a poll of women talking about ideal size at Most of the women there said 7” was just right. A percentage said 8”. Very few voted for anything smaller or larger than this. I’m 7” BPEL now. My goal is 8” to 8.5” BPEL.

What I’m less decided on is girth. Unfortunately, the women on the poll didn’t discuss this in terms of specific measurements, though they all agreed that girth is the main thing (as we all already know). Before PE, I was 5” EG. I had one girlfriend say that I was “unusually thick,” which of course is not true. But I’ve never had a woman complain of soreness (and I’m capable of giving it to them pretty aggressively). Presently, I’m 5.5” EG, or slightly more. When I clamp or pump, my girth gets to 6” or 6.1”. But to me, this doesn’t appear that thick. My girth goal used to be 6”. Now I’m thinking 6.5”, or possibly even closer to 7”, if possible for me. Currently, I don’t have a GF to test it on. So this has been very much an academic question for me.

Growshop, you say that you are 6.25” EG, and that most women are sore after you’ve had sex with them. (Lucky you! Keep it up.) But there is good sore and bad sore in sex. Which do you think it was for them? What do others think? What erect girth do you think the “average gal” would find painful and unpleasant? A related question: What do you think (or know) the max erect girth is that most women are able to get into their mouths, without doing damage to themselves or to the pecker in question? I’ve seen women in porn films put girths that appeared to me to be at least 7” into their mouths. Granted, they weren’t able to get much in. But they seemed to accommodate this large girth fairly easily. Perhaps they’ve stretched their jaws, like we are stretching our schlongs.


I think 5.5 is a large girth that most women, on average, will find VERY pleasurable and above average. 5.5” - 6” is considered large and desirable girth by most men and women.

I think anything over 6 1/4 and you will start running into problems.

Remember, when talking about girth, 1/4 inch is a BIG increase (unlike in length where a 1/4” increase is not as substantial as 1/4” in girth).

I’ve had sex with three girls. Two of them complained about soreness afterwards. Granted, one of them was an eight-hour session with a near-virgin, the other is my current girlfriend who was also a virgin when we met. Again, you can see by my sig. that I’m below average girth. And believe it or not, I’m not an animal in bed. Perhaps it’s got to do with the girls I’ve been with. But I don’t know that the vagina stretches much with experience, or that girls will get less sore. Sure there are exceptions. Namely having a baby or doing it with a 9x7. So there’s my two cents. What do you guys think?


I should verify that I’m 6.25 at the base, and about 5.75-6.00 at mid shaft depending of the day. So 6.25 may have sounded a little mis-leading. And your right “Motivated” when I look at my 6 or so inch girth it doesn’t look that think, but it definitely doesn’t look thin either. For me My girth goal would be say 6.75 mid shaft.

Of all the girls I’ve been with, I think 15, all but one have said I was their thickest. And my girth is nowhere near some of the guys on here. The first few times with each girl was a bit uncomfortable, but from then on it felt great. I prefer them to be a bit on the loose side so that might skew my perception. I want my girth to get to the point that a girl’s mouth makes that perfect tight O shape when she’s wrapped around it.

My Gains thus far You can expect a forecast of vengeance in the near future. "Combat salacious removal"


Thanks for the encouragement. Let’s hope I get to try it out on some gal soon! You’re definitely right, a 1/4” difference in girth is quite a bit. I’ve been pumping recently. When I first started pumping, my dick was 6” girth when I removed it from the cylinder. Today it was 6.25” when I removed it. The difference was noticeable. My flaccid girth has also been greater. The thing is, I’m not really trying for girth right now. I’d like to add 1” to 1.5” length first. O well, I’m not going to complain!


It’s been a long time since I’ve had the pleasure of sleeping with a virgin or a near-virgin. If you’re in that age group, I hope you appreciate it. I don’t think I did then. Now, I’d give almost anything. But it’s hard to find a virgin that’s legal age. So I don’t even go there.


What is your erect girth at present? Are the 15 girls you’re referring to young and less experienced, or are they seasoned some? I’ve only had two girls make similar comments. I guess I know how to pick them.

At the time they made the comments, I was about 6” x 5.5”. Most of the girls were pretty seasoned veterans, only 2 being virgins. I think it was just a situation of finding girls who had been only with guys smaller than me, as I’m not that large compared to most.

My Gains thus far You can expect a forecast of vengeance in the near future. "Combat salacious removal"

Sore can just be not enough lubrication though, the more girth there is the more important this becomes I should think. I would be fine with 10x6.5 and I’d learn to cope with my potential hazard by always carrying lube :D

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