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Some ED problems

Some ED problems

Hey, guys. I’m really worried here.

For a week now my penis has not been in a good shape and I really need to know what you think.
It feels like my pcmuscle is always hard. Behind my balls. My dick looks kinda pale and I’m having some
Trouble with erections. I do get some morning wood and I can get it up if I want to, but it doesn’t feel right.
I feels kind of heavy all the time and it is warm. Almost like a fever of some sort.

I can’t blame Pe for this. All I have been doing is some light pumping (1-3 Hg) for 10 mins with some wet jelqing.

I’m really freaked out. I have been sick lately. A mild cold, but that has never had that kind of effect on me before.
I will see a doctor if it hasn’t gone away in a few days.

Any thoughts?
Can it be prostate related?



I seem to remember you had some trouble before Rather on similar lines to what ou have now.

It would seem to be the jelqing and pumping combination don’t agree with you so perhaps it would be best to do them on different days. You seem to have the symptoms of ovvertraining

Do you have a gauge on the pump as you may be pumping at too high a vacuum?

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Experts in the field of PE repeatedly return to the idea that over-exercising the penis can be harmful. This does not mean that you’re spending too much time beating up your unit, but rather that you are putting too much of a beating on it in the short time that you spend doing PE. So if you want to enjoy all the great benefits that PE has to offer, you will find that laying off a bit will lead to better function, flaccid hang, etc.


Warm and pale? That sounds strange. Warm would suggest more blood in it, pale less blood. For the rest, it seems just overworked. How old are you, by the way? Did you take any medic├Čne lately?

rentor, the same thing happened to me the first month into PE. I noticed I wasn’t getting a hard on throughout the day like I used to and the muscle under my balls felt like my arms do after lifting weights. About 2 days later I woke up with a hard on so hard I thought my dick was going to explode. After that I have not had any issues since. Not really sure what had caused the problem, but I would love to know if/when it happens again.

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