Soft Base Lump

I couldn’t find anything related to this after a thorough search, so I’m hoping someone has an idea what’s going on.

I’m almost one month in to the newbie routine. I noticed that I am getting what I would describe as a soft “lump” around my base when fully erect. I wouldn’t call this an injury. There is no pain, hardness or discomfort to speak of. It’s definitely not a vein and it’s not visible at all when flaccid.

It’s quite an obvious irregularity, however. I wouldn’t really mind, as I’m going for girth, which has increased at my base already by 1/4 inch due to this, but I have a natural “baseball bat” and it’s starting to look a little like an “hourglass.” It almost looks as though my excess skin from my pelvic area or scrotum is extending up my shaft. My skin which which used to be around my base has moved up my shaft a bit. This skin is tighter which is causing the hourglass look.

A) Is this skin extension normal? I don’t believe I am overdoing anything, but I could be wrong.

B) Has anyone else experienced this?

C) Do you believe this is induced by stretching or jelqing?

D) I’m using an overhand jelq. Perhaps I should try a different grip?

E) Any suggestions for focusing on a section of tight shaft skin?

Any suggestions/insight much appreciated.