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So prom is coming up.


So prom is coming up.

Prom is coming up in a month and I’m planning on getting it in with this girl, I’m 19 btw. And the gains I’ve been getting are good for the past month from the Newbie routine, but I’m trying to get big for that night.. Thinking of clamping right before it but I don’t know, any ideas?

Ps. I’m pretty good on length, just need girth

Well from what I’ve seen and heard on this forum from lurking, small gains in 2 months are possible from the newbie routine and that seems to be where most of the gaining is done. As for the clamping I’m not sure on but I heard penis pumps do a good job of a temporary increase which could do you well just before you go to prom but I’d probably wait for a senior member to comment or something for more reliability.

Just keep up the good work on the newbie routine. After prom there’s a whole world of adventure that will thank you to keep your penis is great working order. So don’t jeopardize it by clamping unless your 100% ready.

My advice. Don’t clamp until after the prom when you will have 3 months of PE to your credit. Then if you are not experiencing any gains you may consider more advanced PE.

Good luck:-)

Keep this in mind. If you try something new, you have a high likely hood your dick won’t like it and you will get the opposite effect (ie, horrible PIs). Impotence on prom night would suck. Ill probably get shot here for suggesting this, but if you only have a month and want to get a little extra hit, try and get 5-10mg of cialis and take it the morning of prom. I just tried it for the first time and, although I felt something a few hours after I took, the next day was off the hook. I took it at about 6pm and from 8am the next morning and throughout the entire next day I had a fatty flaccid and my erections were huge.

Use one of the erection drugs if you want to, but remember that doing PE you should already have a good EQ,

Good Luck and Good Fuck!

Yeah dude, dont try anything new before your prom.

dont worry about your cock. im sure she hasnt seen so many yet..

Burn that tunica!

Viagra <——- Best short term trick. The problem is to tame the beast once you unleashed it. It won’t go

Originally Posted by Daltrey
Use one of the erection drugs if you want to, but remember that doing PE you should already have a good EQ,

Good Luck and Good Fuck!

I hope I don’t hijack this thing, but I have had poor EQ and great EQ through this whole PE thing the last 2 years. However, nothing was close to using cialis. I wonder if long term PE’s have any input on that. Seems like no matter how good you are naturally, drugs can push more into it

I agree with the 10 mg Cialis. No side effects and a guaranteed result.

Yeah she’s a virgin so.. Lol

Where would I get Cialis from?

The guy is 19 and you guys are suggesting viagra and cialis? come on now! haha

He’s just gotta be relaxed and as confident as possible and simply enjoy the night wether he gets some or not.

How big are you forgotten?

Ah, the senior prom. Fond memories.

If you’re into this girl, don’t do anything stupid like messing up your cock, at least until after the prom. You’ll regret it for a long time.

Starting stats 3/2/12: BPEL 5.625, EG 5.375, Flaccid L 3.50, Flaccid G 5.125, Mild to moderate ED

Goals: It's growing and looking good. ED is slightly better. 4/30

I’m 6.7” BPEL and 4.3 EG
No one important, just a soon to be f—k buddy ;]

Yeah I guess your right Phoenix, pills aren’t at the top of my list

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