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So prom is coming up.


Originally Posted by _Phoenix_
The guy is 19 and you guys are suggesting viagra and cialis? come on now! haha

He’s just gotta be relaxed and as confident as possible and simply enjoy the night wether he gets some or not.

What’s age got to do with viagra/cialis and what he asked?
He asked for something to get bigger for the night and that’s what works.
I don’t have ED but IF I wanted to get a lil bigger for a night that’s what I’d use , even if I was 17.

Now the problem is why the f he thinks adding a bit to his dick is gonna make all that difference for a night, but that’s not what he asked.

Many amateur porn actors, who have to “perform” for the very first time on a pro-stage (for a bang-gang scene for example), are told to take some viagra/cialis to ease their performance, I know a few guys who went for that experience. These are guys with very low inhibition and perfect physical condition.

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