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Sleeping With Boxers On

I had slept nude since I got Married 10 years ago, and is wonderful man, easier to be touched ah~!

I slept nude since I got married 10 years ago. It’s wonderful and is easier to be touched ahh.

I hate sleeping nude but I think it has more to do with my weight - I don’t like my stomach touching sheets.

I always have a singlet on except for the shower - always.

Boxers vs. regular undies

I was wondering why black dood’s generally have such long dicks and was considering perhaps it’s because they roamed the plains of Africa with no suspension whilst the Europeans wore underpants to keep everything in place. Over a few hundred years, this should have an impact on genetics.

Seriously, there are still guys out there in the plains of Africa who don’t wear underpants and just cover their loins with a piece of leather. Walk around like that from birth practically, and let gravity take its graduall toll. Its probably a very mild but consistent PE workout session 24/7. Pass that on from generation to generation and no wonder they are so well hung.

I would say if you can wear boxers all the time, it will probably aid in letting your penis reach maximum length over time. I personally don’t like wearing them all the time, but will give it another go. Having had a prostate problem, boxers did not contain the after dribbles of piss as well as regular undies.

If I were to have young son’s, one thing you can rest assured of, he would crawl around and walk around as much as possible without any underpants, and when he had to start wearing them, he would only wear boxers.

For the record, I only sleep with boxers as I like to experience free willie, at least whilst I sleep.

Originally Posted by Big Girtha
If I had my way society would be nude all the time

Sorry dude I think you are nuts. I think you must be vision impaired or have a strong stomach because DAM there’s some women out there that should not be out in public much less be out in public naked.

Yes I sleep naked and have for over 15 years, sometimes wear underwear but I stay warmer, no clothes to constrict circulation but my main worry sleeping naked is a fire or plain and simple a burglar. I shure am not wasting time grabbing clothes I am grabbing my 9MM and a couple clips and popping some dumbass who picked the wrong house! Plus I think it would upset the wife if I ran outside and down the road naked shooting the perpetrator. All food for thought I guess.

I live with my family and I wouldn’t bare the embarassment of having my duvet rolled off the bed and me exposed with a hot tempered dragon when I’m asleep!

I don’t think it matters, boxers or no boxers, boxers probably aid in keeping higher erection angles and generally I feel alot ‘bigger’ with tight boxers then I am naked so I’m not sure what to believe.

I use to wear briefs until the age of 14-15, I think that aided in resulting an upward curve cock who knows?

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My wife won’t let me sleep nude because she doesn’t me to precum or fart on the sheets. I don’t understand… anyway, I do like another poster said and let johnson hang outside my fly.


How about sleeping in the nude from the waist down.

Totally nude is not for me

I’ve been “boxing” for 13 years since 13yo and have never tried “nuding” to reduce the damage of wet-dreams and the risk of detection by my grand mother.

It is simply a matter of sheets or pants.

But now I know you freaks recommend nuding, I’ll try it in an ejaculated day which is normally once a week or two.

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I was going to start a new thread on this but found this one.

I wear loose underwear, (boxer briefs, one size larger than my waist size would dictate, so they are fairly loose fitting).

I started noticing that my night wood was being overly constricted by the elasticity of the garment. I really started noticing this after getting some gains, it’s like I reached a threshold or something.

So I switched to wearing very loose, satin gym shorts.(Like the very oversized basketball shorts that are/were the style.) At that point I started waking during the night with erections much more, and being erect much more frequently first thing in the morning.

When I wake up, if I don’t change right to underwear right away, the morning wood lingers a long time. However, if I change into the boxer briefs right way, my erection is gone in a minute or two.

If night wood is actually part of the mechanism of PE, then it should be important to let your nocturnal erections be free from all resistance.

I really don’t know if night wood actually makes your dick grow, or if it is just a positive sign.

I am, however, totally convinced that wearing very, very loose underwear, or nothing at all, increases the duration of nocturnal erections.

I think that if your straight out erection is straining against the garment, then it is too tight to allow the longest duration possible.

I wonder if those monitoring their night wood for positive PI’s would see a difference by wearing something very, very loose for a few days.

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I find if I sleep with any clothes on I end up getting ‘strangled’ through the night, boxers, t-shirts all get twisted when turning in my sleep. Also, I agree on the earlier comment, fowfers are much easier to do when nude.

To me this seems like an odd question, but I’ve been sleeping nude since I was a teenager.

I just have to wonder why farting nude would be a problem- do you have a history of ‘Oops’ farts?

You know, those ones that start out as a fart and end up with a clenched duck walk [run?] to the head because you started shitting yourself?

In that case I’d say your wife was thinking ahead.

And that you need to change your diet.

There may be something to Torro’s rationale- at least as far as briefs v ‘free-balling’ [I still think of it as ‘commando’] during the day. I haven’t worn briefs since this whole PE journey began and without any attention to my ball hang they now hit the water on a warm summer day— and they didn’t used to.

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androNYC, those are called “Sharts”.

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