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Sleeping With Boxers On


Actually here, considering the location in question, wouldn’t they simply be sheets?

Either that or fits?

WE are the 99% 'WE are the people you depend on; we cook your meals, we haul your trash, we connect your calls. We drive your ambulances. We guard you while you sleep. Don't f&ck with us'-- Madame DeFarge

"Rope trades @$10 a yard. I wonder if they even know that?"- Capitalist

I actually used to only sleep in boxers, but now I sleep in boxers and shorts. The weather is getting cold here on the East coast and I’ve noticed the more I wear down there, the more my balls and penis both hang and the less turtling that occurs. I like for that area to be as warm as possible as often as possible, especially during the winter months.

On and off since 2007

Started (October 2007) at: 5.5 BPEL x 4.75 EG

Last Did PE (March 2012) at: 6.00 BPEL x 5 EG

I don’t think it really matters in the end.

Started Newbie Routine: October 8 2008

BPEL: 5.91" (15cm)

EG: 4.53" (11.5cm) EG at base: 4.33 (11cm)

IF the duration of nocturnal erections makes a difference, then I think it does make a difference.

Because the length of time you are erect at night can be affected by the clothing you are wearing.

If the total amount of erection time makes no difference, then the clothing makes no difference.

Sept. 4, '07: BPEL 6.875 inches, EG widest 5.25

Goal: Double digits

I sleep nude and have since about 17 years old, I can’t sleep with anything on down below.
In winter I’ll wear a t-shirt and that’s it.

Go nude it’s the only way.


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