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Sleeping after routine

Sleeping after routine

I was wondering if sleeping after a routine, specifically jelqing can have any affect. It seems as though I hang lower after a routine if I just continue with my day. However, if I sleep after a routine I don’t seem to hang as low as I normally do after a routine.

I’m just wondering if this seems to happen to anyone else

Hmm never noticed that!

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This is interesting. I’ve never really slept after a routine consistently to pay attention.

Try a side fowfer while sleeping. Basically, tuck your penis and testicles back between your legs and sleep on your side. Extend your legs a bit and get a little stretch. Maybe napping in that position will promote more full healing and you may wake up with a better flaccid hang.


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I sleep on my stomache so that may have an effect

How long have you been PE’ing? Hanging lower to me sounds like you’re talking about flaccid not errect size. A lot of other things factor into flaccid.

Only a couple weeks. Yeah I’m talking about flaccid

Do you wake up with morning wood? If that’s a rare occurrence, then you might not get as much blood flow in your penis at night which explains the low flaccid gains when you sleep right after a routine.

June 24 2008: BPEL 6.4 NBPEL 6.0 EG 4.6

Yeah I wake up with good morning wood. I’m thinking it may just be cause my workouts are not as good or my body is just very tired. It has only been this past week, since I started a summer class from 8-12. Probably just a combination of weak workouts and exhaustion. The past week I haven been doing the routine when I return from class and then I take a nap.

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