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Should I get the jelq device

Should I get the jelq device

Hey I kind of new here, and I’m sure there are forums on this but I really can’t find them.

I just want to know if the jelq device really works as effectively.. I figure if I pay that much then I will be more motivated to jelq. Especially since I don’t have that much time in my schedule.

A bunch of links courtesy of westla90069: Anyone tried Power Jelq or Jelq Device?

Do you really think that spending $ will, in and of its self, motivate you to PE? If so consider donating to help us keep the forums up and running. just click on the link at the bottom of the page.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Thank you

I have one and I have used it for the last 8weeks and haven’t gained in length or girth, I was following the instructions that came with it and built up to 200reps a session.

I’ve never really had a manuel jelq routine but yesterday I did 200 manuel jelqs and I think I can get a better squeeze using my hands, I don’t see how it’s meant to be 10x more powerful than using your hand.

I squeezed the handles as tight as I could during a 200rep session and the only thing that happened was the foam came off and I ended up getting a cat like scratch by the metal rod.

I would say stick to using your hands and get a good routine going (something I’m looking in to).

If your still interested in trying out the device, try making your own:

Homemade Power JELQ

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