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Shorter after PE

Shorter after PE

Hi guys - I usually do 5 -7 days on then 1 - 2 days off.

I know everyone says you grow on days off, but I have a more short term question;

On days off, my little fella seems more supple and longer. On days when doing PE (I do PE at night usually) he seems a little shorter, stiffer (not in an ecection way) and less…well, pullable (where you pull to make it a little longer).

Is this normal?

I use a JES with the VacExtender head on 1.5kg of force, sometimes a little more. I usually do 1 - 1.5 hrs a night and have been going over a year.


This happens because you are overstressing your penis. Just that simple. You can do a search using “shrink*” and “turtl*”, Thread Title Only, to read a little more about.

It is normal and happens sometimes. If your erect size is still getting bigger and your flaccid is bigger say the day after, I wouldn’t worry about it.

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Your gripping may be to tight, back off on the grip level see what happens.

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Thanks Guys

I have built up to 1.5kg over a year.

The grip is a vac grip and needs to be at that ‘suction level’ it’s at to hold steady.

If aom01 thinks it’s OK, I’m happy with that. It does return the next day to normal…or larger in any event.

Thanks guys. Just thought I’d check.

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