Short frenulum limiting erections Possible

Hi Guys

So my frenulum is a bit short. The foreskin can go past the head but maybe .75cm (.2”) under it only (when fully erect). I can have sex fine and it feels great.

I am wondering if I should bother to have surgery to get this corrected considering it doesn’t affect my sex life.

Also, is it possible that because of this, it pulls the head of my penis into a unique shape when thrusting, and enhances the experience for the woman?

And would lengthening it make it bigger as it has more room to “lengthen”. Currently the head can only extend past the foreskin so far.. So I thought maybe it stops the penis from fully lengthening

No pain or anything from normal sex. If we go at it several times a night then it may be sore the next day.. But so is she so it usually isn’t an issue. I am also wondering if it being shortened lets me last longer as the pleasure isn’t as over whelming, although currently I find it more than satisfying.

Thanks 8—D