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Share my experience about what I've learned about correcting a curved penis


Hmm, that might work , never thought of it ,,but, I also like the fact that when I do my curved jelqs and erect bends,, I go WAY past my curve, in the opposite direction, trying to stretch out the shorter side of my penis.

I put a lot of strain in this direction, I want that tissue to stretch or tear and repair, what ever has to happen !!

Hello kingsnake.

I ordered a vacuum pump today with a diameter of 4,8cm (1 3/4inch).

My penis is 4,5cm in diameter when erected.

So there will be not much room for it to bend once it is pumped inside this cylinder.

I’m expecting my order to be delivered within 10 days and yes I will update on the progress.


See , I don’t think I would get anything out of that, my curve is in a downward direction, and it easly go strait when I hold it up , so in a vacume there wouldn’t be any strain against the curve.

I don’t feel strain against my curve untill I’m bending completely backwards , its hard to discribe

Hows it going sharkpower, still fighting the good fight ? , me too , but I want faster results, somehow get more aggressive !! , I’m ready break this sucker in half, I swear !!! , If I could afford a corrective

surgery, I would do it in the blink of an eye !!

Hi guys I to have a downward curve. Do you think this is because the way we have put it in our underwear for years or that’s just the way it grew ? Growing up I ware mine down with tighter underwear.

,I really believe my curve is a developemental curve,, from about the time I hit puberty,, every time I got an erection, spontaniace or otherwise,, I would end up jamming it around my scrotom,,I wore too many tight fitting jeans, which is a no no for a young boy.

So ,,I have had this curve

Hi Sharkpower,

If I may ask, please update this post with the much of success you have recorded so far. Thanks

Someone had success to straighten his penis?

Like others, I’d estimate I’ve cut my curvature in half since I started PE. I also tried an extender,and found it to be useless.

What I tried was a variety of techniques to put the most stress on the “short” side of my penis. I didn’t use a scientific approach, so I can’t say which one is best.

In addition to the exercises descibed earlier, you might also try a v-stretch or an inverted v-stretch. You might also try hanging with a fulcrum or twisting your penis as you hang.

If you choose to try the hanging approach, start with light weight and short time periods to see how well you tolerate it. And as always, you should warm up first so the ligaments and tendons will stretch more easily.

Live long and prosper.

I started using my andro penis back. The adjustment I made, the length of the device is the same as my penis erection ( I will increase with the time ) and I wear it up because my curve is downward. And I do bends erections. This is the only method I feel that stretches the shorter side. And when I’m edging, I work it against my curve. Hoping that I’m able to last few months to see results.


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