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Selling Penomet 5 Gaiter

Selling Penomet 5 Gaiter


Selling off my lightly used Penomet w/ all 5 Gaiters. I’ll even throw in my original order number, so you can have the new Penomet 3.0 Upgraded gaiters delivered to you. You would have the original gaiters in addition to sell off to users who didn’t buy the premium package. Nothing is wrong with it (in perfect working order), I just need to re-coop some funds at the moment.

I’ve been a long time fan of PE, so there are some other device I’ve accumulated that I’d interested in selling as a total package.

That means the options are as follows:
1) Penomet and 5 Gaiters $245
2) Penomet, Gaiters, and other PE Devices (Jelq Device, Power Assist, Etc.) $399.95
3) or PE devices alone (Jelq Device, Power Assist, etc) $145.95.

This a package that get anyone well on their PE Journey to a Super Member Below!

A complete list of the additional PE devices available with the Penomet or as a separate combo package are as follows:

The Power Assist
Cheap Penomet (5 Gaiter Premium) and/or PE Tool Combo package FOR SALE!!

The Jelq Device

Divo Cup Set (4 of 5)

Silicone SRT Sleeve

Gun Oil

Silicone Suction Hanging Cup


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