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Scared of approaching women because of my small penis.

Sure. Those who sell them. :)

Way to many people use reading a self help book as a dodge. They mistake the reading of the book for taking action. If all you do is read the book then nothing changes. You must actually implement the knowledge gained from reading the book.

People do this with diet books all the time. They read the book, keep eating crap, and then tell their friends that the diet, “didn’t work”.

Don’t get me wrong, plenty of the self help book around are pure crap. :rolleyes:

Running a Massive Co-Front.

First off, what a great site where a guy can be honest about something that is completely outside of what you would normally not feel comfortable sharing and get this kind of positive and encouraging response.

Leobon, you might be a virgin, but you are beginning your PE career young. Based on other progress threads I have read on this site, you can gain a lot by next summer. I just started getting serious about PE so I haven’t racked any gains yet.but I am confident I will.

My only advice is to not stress about being a virgin. There are plenty of girls out there and plenty of time for you to get some strange.In fact, there are a lot of women that wouldn’t mind your cock as is.and if you ever find a girl you really want to settle with you won’t even be concerned about when you lost your virginity.

If boning with a bigger penis is still on your mind, stay dedicated and just think about all that bikini clad pussy that is waiting for you next summer. Good luck.


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