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Scared: Decrease of erection angle because of gaining - erectile Dysfunction ?

Scared: Decrease of erection angle because of gaining - erectile Dysfunction ?

Hey guys,

I stumbled upon this forum and was amazed by the real possibilty of improving something about a thing that 99,999% of guys never thought would be possible, and even free or relatively cheap.
But being a rational and skeptical guy, I read every scientific study I found on the net and now I’m a bit concerned about the possible side effects.
After searching for a lot of pics and posts of long term users, I realized that not a single one I saw had a really high erection angle. Mine was always extremely high and somehow I would assess a decrease to 45 degrees as a bad change.
Now, there is always the argument that training your pelvic muscle will counteract this side effect.

In another forum they stated this:
“There is also a slight correlation between LOT and erect angle (0.22). The lower the angle of LOT the more lig stretch and gains. The looser ligs result is a slightly lower erection angle. This shows up in the amount of time spent PEing and erection angle with a (-0.356) correlation. “- Another thing written by Bib- if you take a look on penis anatomy- you will see that it makes perfect sense that the more you stretch your ligaments- the lower your erection angle will be.

What can you tell me about this ? Is it possible to get a very low erection angle and finally erectile dysfunction just from relatively “safe” exercises like jelqing (excluding this extremely unlikely case of venous leakage) ?
The user TomCat89 here suggested a minimum age at about 25 to give the practictioner┬┤s bodies the possibility to fully develop their tissues before beginning to modify them as prophylaxis to permanent damage.
However, there was no real evidence or logic showing that a 21 year old guy has a higher chance of injuring himself.

Stretching the ligs can lower a bit the erection angle, but not that much. A lower erection angle per se has nothing to do with ED, so I m not sure what are you asking.

I think at 21 it is safe to start PE.

Thanks for your fast and compact answer.
Regarding ED: okay, I think the hardness is more important than the angle, but below parallel or even parallel seems to be bad for me.
I know this is an extremely hard question and a lot of speculation is needed, but: IF I’m currently at 12 or, to be sure, say 11 o clock, and want to increase my length by 2 cm or 0,8 inches (at first, but IMO that would already be great), how much will it suffer if I do kegel and pelvic floor exercise and do not stretch downwards ? Id like to keep it considerably above parallel.

Thanks for your time and patience, btw.

Even stretching downward, the erection angle won’t be influenced that much permanently. Ligs will get back their original elasticity with time, think the tunica albuginea is about 2 mm thick, ligs are tens of time thicker; what will lower your erection angle mostly will be age.

Okay, thanks a lot. I guess I’m hooked now, will see if I can measure any improvements in a “quick” 90 day challenge and proceed from there on.
So, its in fact highly unlikely that a 50 year old has a 11 o clock erection and that may also be the reason why I couldn’t find a lot of high erections in the pics thread, right ?

Originally Posted by marinera
Ligs will get back their original elasticity with time

Does that mean that there is a chance of getting my erection level back to the starting conditions after having a slight decrease because of the strengthening of the ligaments ?
Otherwise, It would be great if you could elaborate this

Yes that’s what I am saying, that permanently deform the ligs will require so much time that you have all the time to stop if worried and things will get back as before.

Not sure how penile angle correlates to EQ.

Cardiovascular- and pelvic floor health seem to be far more important. You may experience some loss of EQ over a duration of working out, which is determined by what you’re doing (Pumping, hanging, extending, etc, etc) and for how long (Pumping once a week has less impact than 3 hours of hanging a day, to give an example). But a decrease in EQ is commonly not permanent.

We’re not just here to grow bigger dicks, but harder all the same.

I started with a fairly strong upward curve. After five years of pumping (twice a day) and four years of extending (3 hours a day) I have gained 1 inch in girth and 1 inch in length. And, my curve has declined slightly, but this may be due to its increased mass. I can’t speak to developing ED as a result because when I started I was already suffering from severe ED due to diabetes. However, I can say, with the aid of ED medications, I now have stronger erections since I started PE.

Start 11/09 BPEL: 5.5", EG: 4.4"

Current. BPEL: 6:4", EG: 5.5"

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