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Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Disease

Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Disease

Is There A Link Between Heart Disease and Erectile Dysfunction?
A man’s age was once considered the main link between heart diseases and erectile dysfunction (“ED”). Modern trials and research finds that impotence or ED is a result of a heart problem. Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, heart disease is a strong underlying reason. The two different conditions, surprisingly share a variety of common risk factors, such as low testosterone levels, obesity, and a metabolic condition.

Hormonal and Chemical Connection
There is a hormonal and chemical compound like between heart diseases and ED. Erectile dysfunction and heart disease are linked because of an endothelial dysfunction which occurs when arteries are not able to dilate when the body needs an increase of blood flow, like to the penis. There is a link between heart disease and ED because of body’s lack of nitric oxide, which is the body’s most powerful vasodilator. When there is an interruption in the makeup of nitric oxide, it can increase the risk for ED and heart disease. Also, the amino acid L-arginine provides the body with the chemical material needed to produce nitric oxide. Low testosterone hormone levels are also attributed as a link between ED and heart disease, but restoring their levels benefits in reducing the risk factors associated between these two conditions and increased muscle strength, weight gain, and the restoration of low libido.

ED Is A Predictor Of A Happy Heart
There is no question that there is a strong link between ED and heart disease, especially in around half of all men over the age of forty. But men don’t always go to see their doctor when they develop ED problems, instead they look for medications like Viagra or other medications instead of getting to the root of their problem which can be circulatory and is treatable and will save many men from becoming heart attack patients. Erectile dysfunction is a predictor of ischemic vascular problems within the next 3 to 5 years and is the primary cause in most men who experience organic vascular insufficiency.

Clogged Heart and Penis Connection
Men, you don’t have to suffer a heart attack, nor do you have to suffer ED. Both are treatable through an open discussion with your doctor. A John Hopkins physician and researcher stated that the reason why the seemingly unrelated link of men having problems maintaining an erection and heart disease, is because the arteries leading into the penis, are so small that they are prone to become blocked, just like coronary arteries. The same issues that cause the narrowing and plaque hardening of the heart’s arteries, like high cholesterol, smoking, or hypertension, also affects a man’s penis by stopping its blood flow which leads to erection issues. With men between the ages of 40 to 49, new heart disease patients were 50% more likely to have ED and with men over 70, this dropped to only a 5% increased risk for ED.

Lifestyle Changes For A Better Life
The vital message in a link between ED and heart disease is relatively good news. ED is a condition that affects a man’s manhood, but it is an early warning sign that has effective treatments. Men, if have any problems in holding or getting an erection, now is the time to see your physician and get a heart exam. There are too many past and present studies and clinical trials that show a direct link. Lifestyle changes in diet, incorporating exercise as a daily regiment, and stopping excess smoking or drinking alcohol, and medication goes a long way in getting positive results for arterial problems and to reverse clogged arteries caused by high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.

Top Clinical Study
A recent Australian National University research studied 95,000 men over the age of 45 in linking a connection between heart disease and erectile dysfunction. The results revealed that there is a strong correlation between the severity of ED and heart problems. There were more than 65,000 men who showed signs of heart disease and more than 29,000 men who had cardiovascular disease. This study took over two years and near its conclusion, 7,855 men were taken to the hospital with heart disease. The conclusion was that the link of erectile dysfunction and heart problems, showed the dependence of future heart disease from the level and severity of ED that men experience. The Australian research up to year 2013, was the largest and most informed research on a link between the heart and ED. Previous studies had found a connection between Ed, strokes, and heart attacks, but this clinical study was the first to include men who experienced mild and moderate ED problems.

Physicians note that rather than causing heart attacks, erectile dysfunction is more likely to be a strong symptom of a heart disease and it is a life saving marker to help doctors predict the risk of any cardiovascular problems. Men, there is no shame in discussing ED because there are too many effective treatments for both ED and heart disease. About one in five men, over 40 years of age, report moderate or severe erectile dysfunction. The shame that men feel when ED occurs, could stop them from averting a heart attack.


Thanks for the information you shared Jimmy!

Thank you, very interesting.

I have been saying it for years that the best thing for penis health and strong erections is to eat a heart healthy diet. It keeps your arteries flowing free and clear.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

there is some to that statement above but very simplistic view and skewed towards sexuality. So if this was the holy grail everybody would be onto it receiving injections and less heart attacks and related problems but it is not like that.

The proof is other organs play similar role {on your dick) as the heart in the human body such as lungs, liver,kidneys and blood as a small example.

The problem is not how your dick is performing but how your body is and how it reacts to external stimulus.

One thing in common is blood flow the older the person less effective is the system carrying the blood and to pump blood to various parts of the body including dick and of course heart which is the main pump.

here comes L-arginine is used to increase blood flow by providing more nitric oxide throughout the body and very useful to prevent congestive heart failure.

Many labs market L-arginine as the miracle Viagra (nothing further from the truth) supplementing arginine levels seems like an easy way to avoid problems associated with low levels of nitric oxide

Could it help in erectile deficiency yes but little ( do not expect L-Arginine to give a stronger erection) a fallacy is to consider it as an agent for ED.

Blue eye, blonde latino

I believe it’s true.. Check out forks over knives..

But also true the fact that ED is influenced by age ad age has not been factored in as an important contributor to if not ED diminished performance even when heart and arterial problems are discounted.

Blue eye, blonde latino

Perhaps we should consider age as the common link between heart health and ED. Not that heart disease causes ED.

Diabetes is a major cause of ED and as we age the risk of developing diabetes increases, which in turn increases the risk of heart disease.

Start 11/09 BPEL: 5.5", EG: 4.4"

Current. BPEL: 6:4", EG: 5.5"

Originally Posted by dtwarren1942
Perhaps we should consider age as the common link between heart health and ED. Not that heart disease causes ED.

Diabetes is a major cause of ED and as we age the risk of developing diabetes increases, which in turn increases the risk of heart disease.

also true

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