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Scared about grip on manual stretching

Scared about grip on manual stretching

Alright guys,

I’ve been doing my manual stretching routine for a week coming into my 2nd week tonight, anyways I’m just a bit scared of stretching with too much force as I don’t like the idea of the ligaments popping.

So just a question or two..

If the ligaments do pop is it painful?

If the ligament has popped is it permanent injury or does it heal?

Sorry guys might have been asked a thousand times but this is really eating me up, I know I can apply more force to my stretches but I’m too scared to do so.


I had a lig pop once. I also use a LOT of force when stretching. I think it has to do with the warm up, angle, timing and force. When it happened, my wife was next to me and was like - WTF was that?! I explained I thought it was a lig pop and it had never happened before. it did not hurt at all - more like cracking your knuckles. I had no lasting soreness or anything from it.

Make sure you are warming up and go for it!

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Thanks for the quick reply, much appreciated.

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