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Salute to all and my newbie introduction


Salute to all and my newbie introduction

First of all hi to all of you on this board.

I am a totally newbie here and feel a bit embarassed posting first time after browsing the forum and seeing the history of most members.

I joined this forum because I consider penis enlargement and I needed some discussion advice and support on the field of my consideration.

I hope I did well.

Personally my goals on penis enlargement are to gain some size on my penis’ girth and particularly on the shaft from middle to top and on the glands.

These included I also aim for straightening the curve of my shaft.

I could use some advice as what pe method should I use to best achieve these goals? I am aware of manual excercises that are promoted from isites and of harware equpment such as stretching and hanging devices. I am also aware of pe pills and pe pumps.(surgery I don’t consider). That’s all I know of the pe “industry” can offer.

Which of the pe methods appeals most and is more productive for means such as mine you think?

Thank you and salute to all on this forum.


from what you describe jelq and stretch is the routine for you.

jelqing gives girth at the midshaft and head as well as length.

stretching and hanging give length and girth at the base. Check out the newbie routine in this forum and start with that, good luck and good gains.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Thanks for the feedback.

So you suggest to focus on jelqing for girth.

Do I necessary have to stretch though I seek no length gains?

What I want however is straightening the curve of my penis that makes it bend upwards. Maybe stretching will help it(hence that’s what you suggested it for) but maybe jelq will do the job.

What do you think?

Welcome, and good first post. You are specific in your goals and have done some research. We can work with that.

Stretching isn’t the ticket for you on the curvature. That simply stresses the ligs primarily, but it does stress the tunica to a degree. Jelqing is what you want to do for your goals.

Make sure you want to really address that curvature. Is it severe? It’s a very common thing and some women like it. It does have a unique power for intercourse in reaching and stressing certain areas inside a woman.

Later, much later, after you’ve gotten used to jelqing and moved up in time and intensity, you can add the various squeezes into your routine. But not for now.


Good For Girth

Remus, welcome!

About the curve, I am with Buster. An upward curved dick looks much better than a straight one. Kinda more powerful..

ù ì å í


Willb7…I’m guessing he’s talking about it curving to the side?

I was reading a thread somewhere here from a guy who had pretty serious pyrones and straightened it out with lots of jelqing.

Welcome and best of luck to you Remus….sounds like the jelq specifically suits your goals.

Thanks guys.

I really appreciate the attention.

I think you have convinced me: I am about to start with a jelq routine.

I would like to ask Kamel407 though of the powerjelq-girthgainer he mentions. Is this the power-jelq device or a manual excercise of the jelq variant? -(Because I think I saw something like this somewhere but I have a hard time find out). If this should be the second case can someone please post some link here to some thread that has info about it (how to do the excercise?). I used the search option but I ended up in the middle of the ocean.

Thanks again for your input.

Oh and I don’t think I have pyrones disease if that’s what J Rocks talks about. It’s just a curve in the midshaft giving my penis the shape of a banana (pointing up, not left or right). If this could be adjustable I would like to try going for it.


There is a link at the bottom of this page, should be on the bottom right. Scroll all the way down

So Kamel407 you were meaning the power-jelq device at first place:”Powerjelq. Good for girth.”(your quotation)?

Is this right?

I am sorry to be frustrating but the fact is that I don’t want to miss or misunderstand anything and my english helps score zero.

Isn’t a curving-upwards penis supposed to be better for hitting the G spot?

PowerJelq Device

PowerJelq is great for both length and width. I have seen several people suggest the PowerJelq for girth gains.

Just do a search on “PowerJelq Girth” or “Power-Jelq Girth”

Re: PowerJelq Device

Ok, before I buy the power-jelqer I consider joining a PE paysite for I have to follow the manual workout routine(jelq) as you said to fit my goals(girth middle -> top shaft and to glands.also straightening the penis).
I would like to ask you if joining the PE paysite would necessarily aid me in my plan effort, cause I joined several in the past and I always ended up with the same simple info for me (which took no more being actually explained than a single paragraph).
I wouldn’t like to spend some more money ending in the same stuff.
The PE I consider now joining are forsize or massivemember.
I am not sure if I have to do it and if yes which?

From when I joined them I did no progress cause I didn’t find something new and special I was looking for, being influenced I guess in this by thei conflicting marketing and advertising.
So what do you think I should do?
Thanks and please don’t make such a laugh of me on the acts of my past.
I am positive a lot of other guys have gone into paranoia and spent their cash like this.

Re: PowerJelq Device

To Kamel407:

Another reason of conditioning me being reluctant to spend the money at ordering the device is that I am in Europe and I am afraid of the distance inconvenience of the spedition.

This would have been said before the last(above) post.

Hey Remus,

Sounds to me like you are a password swapper, or you have spent over 500.00 on paysites, and need to spend some time PEing rather than collecting illegal paysite passwords or wasting your money.

That is if you are not collecting material to start your own paysite, not a real smart move at this point in time. The market is already flooded and most, if not all, the information that paysites have

is available free on the net from places this one.

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