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Salute to all and my newbie introduction


Actually around the half (300$ circa) but actually over a period of 2 years.
If I got what you are saying that is to stop eccentrically worrying too much, go on with practice because there is no real need to feed my curiosity.
Well I like this advice and what I feel that I have to say now is that I am planning a program to take on first thing possible on my pe schedule.

I think I should take it easy at first.
So I would like to start with 15 days of making my penis take the habit of jelqing pressure.
I would go on for 5 sets of jelqs each day divided during the course of the day, so taking one every 3 hours.
Each set would consists of 30 reps circa taken really softly and slowly.
I will use lubrification but no warm-ups as where I live we suffer 30°C.
What do you think of this low-intensity high-freq logic to approach my goal?
Will it aid my time for the goal at most or do I lack some strategy points?
What do you think?
I hope some jelq-for-girth* veterans let know.
*I also go for girth for the glands.

Hey Remus,

I really think what you ought to do is, start with the luvdadus routine posted at the top of this forum. Something simple and not requiring your commitment 5 times a day. Just use light strokes for the first week and gradually increase the pressure and time of your stroke.

Get acouple of consistent months into a good routine and then start targeting girth and head size.
Right now the thing that you need to work on most is just getting started and sticking with it.

30 C, that would be a cold spell for me. It is 7:30 PM, sun setting and 38 C outside now. Monday and Tuesday of next week they are predicting 43 to 45 C.

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I get your point.Learn to stick with a routine and overlly prepare my penis tissuses to the stress of the workout for my goals.
Thanks for the advice from the experience.

Where do you live in the equator? or near a volcano.

I am going to measure now and post in a new thread my progress.

Lots of thanks.

Gulp!What desert?

I heard they are making it a national park.

It must be nice there and propably peacefully I guess.


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