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Safe age to start?

Safe age to start?

I’ve had a look and I don’t think anyone has covered this specifically. I was wondering about peoples opinions on an age to start PE. It seems to me that the majority of serious injuries on this thread appear to be from younger members i.e. somewhere between 18 and mid 20’s. This could be due to immaturity and the lack of control required to gain gradually? Or it could be due to the fact their penises have not yet fully developed? Either way what do people think about youngsters starting PE before they have had a family for instance, with no concrete evidence on the effects PE could have on fertility, EQ etc. in the very long term.

I’m all for EQ and am 23, gradually building up on the newbie routine. But thats just me, what about others in my situation?

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I would say some time after puberty has completed it’s run. Beyond that it would all depend on the maturity level of the guy. An overzealous kid that really wants to size up might take bad inventory and hurt himself despite the P.I.’s and written warnings.

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I guess this is probably not so much the response you’re looking for.but PEing at 18 with in your first relationship with your first girlfriend might not be such a good idea
(Especially if she’s the gossipy type).
Went through some negative PI’s for the first time - couldn’t keep the unit up during sex (over-trained)
And some very premature ejaculation (horribly undisciplined kegeling).
In other words - Even though I’m 18 and this is my first sexually active relationship, to her I perform like a 70 year old who’s too tired nowadays, and when he isn’t, jumps the gun 5 days early.

Hopefully the results will come, and soon I will be a machine! (I hope!).
But for the time being, I guess it’s a MASSIVE self-esteem killer, and the fuel of insecurity. Awesome

I’m pretty sure that by 18 the penis has stopped naturally developing. So it is safe to start PE then.

IMO the reason why young guys injure themselves is because they are too gung-ho and then they break something.

If one just fallowed the newbie routine, then injury is far less common.

There are a lot of things that we do at 18 that we would do differently at 23, and perhaps still yet differently at 30. And that may have as much or more to do with mental maturity than physical maturity or development.

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I do think it takes some mental maturity to appreciate what a wonderful gift your penis is. How much joy it has given you and others. And how bad it would be if you hurt it.

I’ve gotten hours and hours and hours of entertainment from my penis. There is no way I would risk damaging it, so that is why I am pretty cautious about what I will do PE wise.

Of course mental maturity isn’t tied to age.

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