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New start after a longer pause

New start after a longer pause

Hi to you all !

I did PE for about 1,5 years, but this was 3 or 4 years ago. I now want to start again seriously.

Now I have a question : should I start with advanced exercises like ulis , or like a newbie ? And if you would say , yes start as a newbie , for how long antill starting again with the advanced exercises .

Thanks a lot in adcance yours wantmore

The sky is the limit ( or the ground ) !

Use advanced routines when the gains from the newbie routine slow down.

Out of curiosity, did you manage to keep your gains?

Started:| 14 cm (unsure if BP or NBP) EG (mid-shaft) - 10.75 cm |

Current:| NBPEL - 17 cm; EG (circum scar) - 10.75 cm; (base) 14 cm |

Short-t Objective:| NBPEL - 18.5 cm EG (circum scar) - 11.5 cm |

Hi Thunder !

Thanks for the nice welcome !

Redeyez, Thanks for your answer. Yes , my gains stayed. I never gained much, because I am unfortunately very lazy and I often changed my routine. I really hope , I do better from now on!

All the best and thanks a lot Wantmore

The sky is the limit ( or the ground ) !

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