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Sad Sad story of Woe Fellas.


I don’t understand why girls would talk their ex-boyfriends’ dicks at first date. Imagine what would happen if guy starts talking about tight pussies. Black eye, I guess…

Fuck her up the ass and enjoy :D

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I’ve never had a woman I am dating just come out and start talking about dick size of past bf unless I said something to bring it up. They never seem to be too worried about size, which is good for me….lol. Intellectual and social qualities are much more important. I don’t know, I guess that’s just the type I am attracted to. Probably for obvious reasons, but also because women who are too wrapped up in size are too shallow for me. IMO, I think “size queens” are few and far between. So personally I think this woman would have been fine taking mr cool home for a ride.


Mr. Cool,

Score first. Score some more. Keep scoring until you can’t score no more. Along the way, do PE. If you get a larger unit, good stuff, if not, you are not any less of a man. Score as much as you can. Let this build your confidence. The unit enlarging is a long term plan.

MrCool, don’t you ever weasel out again like that! The fact that she was blabbering so much about how previous guys and everything is probably nothing more that insecurity/inexperience. It is the equivalent of you rambling on that you have had such incredibly experiences with these tight and small previous gf’s…not a very good idea, is it!

Turning to hardcore facts in the matter of size. Last week I was shopping around for some nice sex toy for my wife. Looking at reviews, there was no question that the most popular type of toy is the rabbit-style pearl dildo. They are popular because the design brings almost any woman to orgasm in minutes, and they are of course designed for optimal performance. What moron would mass produce things like that without proper field testing regarding simple things like what dimensions it should have? Believe me, they don’t make mistakes about that.

The most popular models, receiving the most fantastic reviews from women, are designed to have around 4.7 inch penetrating length. It is not possible to go deeper than that due to the design. Regarding girth, they have around 4.9 inch circumference at the thickest part, often much less. There are bigger models of course but not as popular.

Why are they selling truckloads of these toys if they were too small for most women? Please get the message here! It is all about your overall attractiveness to her, and then when you get her into the sack it is your technique and sensibility that matters. Not your size. You are not making love with just her vagina, just as little as she is making love with your dick only.

I sincerely hope you get another chance with that girl, otherwise there are a couple of billions left to choose from :)

Who the hell is this Whoa Fellas? I’ve done a search, and can’t seem to come up with anything…


Originally Posted by GlandMaster
Who the hell is this Whoa Fellas? I’ve done a search, and can’t seem to come up with anything…


Originally the title had ‘Whoa’ in place of ‘woe’.

I changed it because it was bugging me :)

Mr. Cool,
Rather than dump all over you for passing up that lucious pussy, and being a hypocrite in the process, I’ll say that I can understand your feelings. When I was a young buck, I was an enormously built guy - and big, 6-4, huge hands, huge feet, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I did get plenty of snatch; however, if I perceived that a woman was after me because she thought I had a monster tool, I also avoided her. You know - young, big ego, didn’t want to let her down or worse, have her tell her friends, “No! He wasn’t big at all. In fact, ‘Jimmy’ was bigger,” etc. Those kinds of thoughts would freeze me.

But if the chick was nice or very horny, and made no references or allusions to size (based on the rest of my stature), I could have fun with her. But if a woman said, “Wow, your hands are so big!” and winked at me or some such thing, I’d think, “Forget it.”

Having disclosed that, let me tell you that I now know (at age 40), that type of self-denial, self-cheating is a HUGE mistake. Enjoy life, young man. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t even matter what some woman thinks about your cock or your balls, etc. Does it?

You know the old saying, “He’s just a guy, like you, he puts on his pants one leg at a time”? Well, when you feel intimidated, tell yourself, “She’s just a woman, like any other. She gets her period each month, she gets bloated, she cramps, she gets bitchy, she has her own insecurities, etc.” (you see my point?)

I said the above not to denigrate women but to tell you: Don’t sell yourself short. Whenever I was with an old buddy of mine, and some drop-dead gorgeous woman would walk by, and I would start to talk about her to him, he would quickly say, “And remember, some guy is already tired of fucking her.” And we’d both laugh. Ain’t that the truth?

Life is ironic. And we’re all in the same boat. Nobody is any “better” than you. You have but one life to live, enjoy it to the fullest so that you don’t become a grouchy old prick filled with bitter regrets.

Originally Posted by Aziz
I don’t understand why girls would talk their ex-boyfriends’ dicks at first date. Imagine what would happen if guy starts talking about tight pussies. Black eye, I guess…

This is called a double standard. As crude, rude, and disgusting us guys can be. I’ve never heard a guy say to a women or about a women they were with. That they had a loose pussy. Probably because it might reflect back on him, suggesting a small unit.

Just about every single , no every single women I’ve been with. Has made it clear to me they prefer big dicks. And almost in that exact language. It not being offensive was because they are including my in the said category. Us guys have a hard time considering ourselves big. It seems that the criteria for being big, is anything bigger than you.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.


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