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Sad Sad story of Woe Fellas.


Sad Sad story of Woe Fellas.

I labeled this post with the word “fellas” cause I can’t see how any chicks are gonna be surfing this site (accually kinda scary; bunches of dudes talking about dicks and shit). Anyhow, here I am with a sad story of whoa. I’ve never had a “big one”. Always like 5 inches and unknown girth, though not too slim. My 5 inch willy always got my by in high school, banging chicks who werent used to anything else. Anyhow, I’m a hansom fella, If I do say so. I have no problem getting chicks, and I consider myself to have allot of game. However, I’m in college now, and the otherday a Hawaiian chick who wokrs at the gym, asked me out. Not just any Hawaiian chick, but the hottest one you could imagine. She seemed really cool, like easy dating material for sure. I took her out and we went to the movie Electra. During the show things started to heat up, and she wanted to leave the movie, so we could go screw at her place. I remembered before the movie she was talking about her ex boyfriends big dong, and how much she likes to fuck, etc. Unfortunately I found a way to weasel out of it, to save embarassment, and finished the date. My whole life I’ve wanted to be the dude that could fuck chicks that like to fuck, but it’s looking like that won’t ever happen, cause hot chicks that like to fuck like big johnsons and thats no secret.


Sorry fellas, had to get that off my chest.

In my opinion, you have nothing to worry about - you seem like the kinda guy who can reel in the ladies, she obviously chose you for other reasons than your dick - unless you met her with your pants down.

Continue with the confidence, learn some PE techniques by reading through the site and gaining the knowledge, there is no rush - have fun. You obviously just wanna screw her so do that, worry about MAJORLY pleasing the girl when you decide to settle down with one that you love. If she just wants sex then use your confidence and make her pleased.

Good luck.

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

Welcome to Thunders mr cool breeze,

She probably would have been all worked up and said “You have the biggest one I’ve ever seen!!!”

Don’t worry, I think you still have a chance.

Start jelqing and stretching and you’ll most surely notice bigger veins and harder erections so you can have all the confidence you need for her. Not that you need any more, but, you know…

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Wow! That IS fucked up. The worst thing that could have happened is that she would have changed her mind and not let you fuck her after getting a look at your dick. Considering your good looks, and the fact that she was so horned up that she had to leave the movie early, that seems HIGHLY UNLIKELY! I’d say your chances of not scoring with this chick were less than one percent, yet you managed to create your own self-fulfilling prophecy.

Did you happen to develop a newfound insecurity after joining this forum by chance? You sound like you were normal before. You never had a problem before because, frankly, your dicks not all that small. You’re only slightly below average, and this girl has probably seen a lot of dicks about your size. Her “big dicked” ex probably wasn’t half as big as you’re building him up to be in your mind either.

You said you got game and a hot chick asked you out!!!!! Besides, many girls don’t know what a huge dick is. Start PEing and don’t forgo its use at the same time.

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I labeled this post with the word “fellas” cause I can’t see how any chicks are gonna be surfing this site …………….

Mr. Cool Breeze,

There are a minimium of 4 of us on this board. Three of which are moderators.

Don’t freak out, so she says she’s seen bigger, take it from one who knows, women suck (at least most of us) at telling how big something is. You should have taken the opportunity to show her you know what to do with what you have.

Relax, welcome to the site, and do expect to see us “chicks” (cluck cluck) hanging (no pun intended) around.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

You are only fucking yourself here by not fucking her.

You should be able to get her of without using your dick, and if you do that she isn’t going to complain!

Always remember, this girl isn’t gonna get a bigger dick in her from you than what you have already - this site can only help you for the future - it takes commitment and time.

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

There is absolutely nothing in your tale of woe to indicate that she had her mind on “big.”

She had her mind on you. You said, “Whoa!”, I’m gonna get out of this.

Next time you see her, you ask her out. And have a wonderful time together. Our wahine are such sweet and wonderful women. You won’t go wrong.



mr cool breeze,
Let’s start off with a little spelling lesson, it’s woe, not whoa.
Woe means misery. Whoa is used as a command to stop, and sometimes used to indicate surprise.

That said, yes this is a site where guys “discuss their dicks” but I can assure you, we are all very comfortable with doing so, because we are united in the same desire to increase are satisfaction and confidence with ourselves in and out of the sack and to bring as much pleasure as we can to our partners.

That said, let’s move on to you, you ripped yourself off of having a great time through your own fears of inadequacy and feeling like you might not be able to “measure” up. Lot’s of girls mention having a large previous lover in casual conversation. Next time it happens, say, “Hey babe, I’m no John Holmes, but I’ll rock your world.”
I once knew this girl that slept with any guy with a pulse, she always swore the best sex she ever had was with a guy with the smallest penis she had ever seen. She said he blew her away, she said, he must of developed all of the things he did to make up for his small size. Unfortunately men take their size way too seriously, whereas women are way more concerned with the way you make them feel. I guarantee that guy with the small penis, that blew that girl away did so simply because he made love to her like she was simultaneously the most beautiful woman on the planet and the sexiest. I think she “felt” the difference in the way she was being made love to, but not because of his size. If merely placing the largest anything inside of a woman always did it for them, 99% of men would be outta luck.

Stick around, read as much as you can, apply what you learn and see if you can overcome your size issues
as all of us here are trying to do.

Why do they say that thing about their ex’s big tool ?! That makes you uncomfortable from the very beginning. What if we start telling them right on the first date that we used to have a girlfried with big fleshy marvellous tits that we miss so much? That brings the unnecessary nervosity of competition into relationship. What’s the point? Just to let you know you might be dismissed any moment? What the hell?

It all depends on how you weaseled your way out of it. If you shrank away, you may have caused damage to future chances. Otherwise, by not giving her what she wanted when she wanted it YOU are in control of the situation (any lightbulbs go off here? That’s what the ladies do to us!). Bet you were the first to say no - that makes you unique in her eyes!

So get on with it - and stop beating yourself over your (dick)head about size - and tease her again. Let her know who’s in charge.


I would have to disagree, It’s not about who’s in charge but mutual satisfaction! I once had a girl who told me ” It’s OK to have a small dick, Just don’t fuck like you have one!” Show her what you can do and believe me, unless she is a size queen she will stick around for more. Back in my early single days at 18 I was having ED probs because of my inadequacy (or feelings of) until I met the girl mentioned above. All that having been said, If she asks you ” Who ya gonna please with that? Tell her ME!

When I say “in charge” I mean that women - except those that like the idea of having someone easily manipulated - are not attracted to someone who asks for their opinion of himself. If she has a problem with average dicks / how tall you are / what care you drive - then it’s her problem, not yours. If you make it your problem you’ll wind up taken for granted and bullied around.

This I know from experience.

When I say “in charge”, there is no contradiction to “mutual satisfaction”.


Mr cool,

Do me a favor and read this thread. You think a bigger dick will make you more of a man? You better think again. You better learn how to develop a relationship revolving around something other than your dick size or you are in for one lonely life.

And for the love of God man stop referring to women as chicks. R-E-S-P-E-C-T, learn it.

Sorry, just had to get that off my chest.


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