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Routine on Holiday

Routine on Holiday

I’m currently on holiday so I don’t have time to do a full workout. So what routine can I do to maintain what I already have.
My current routine is 1 on 1 off
Hot wraps 3 mins
10 v stretch
150 jelqs
25 jelq and hold
Hot wraps 3 mins

I’m looking to tune it down because of time restraints.

Perhaps just some stretches and jelqs in the shower as maintenance. I had intended to find time/space for PE on my last two holidays with no success, but it turned out that leaving him alone for a week or so led to huge flaccids! :)

So perhaps you should give your dick a holiday too? I’m sure he won’t mind..

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I would like that but could it have a negative effect on gains.

Could I lose my gains? Or have a negative effect on gains I should be getting?

It depends, that have you got your gains by overworking or not. I lost mine overworked gains in 2 weeks, but all gains, that I have got with suitable routine have been solid.

If your gains are solid, then the break should do just good.

Keep soft tissue soft.

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Well I’ve been working for 2 months so I don’t know how the gains have come but could I lose it with a rest

Well take experiment before your holiday and keep a couple days off and measure every day, that how rest affects to your dick.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

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