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Routine and general questions

Routine and general questions

Hey, I’m just starting to PE, and I am wondering about a few things.

Currently, I am 5.25 BP and 5.00 girth. My goal is to be around 7.0/7.5 BP and 5.5/5.75 girth. Is that too out of my reach? My plan is to use the newbie routine with some variance. After one or two months, or when the gains slow/stop, I plan on using Mem’s Momentous Rapid Gain Mechanism <— Mem’s Momentous Rapid Gain Mechanism. I plan on doing exclusive manual stretches only. :)

Is this a good plan to follow through? How long do you think it will take to reach my goal? Do you think I can achieve this in one or two years? If there is anything you would add, what is it? Any other tips would be appreciated.


You should have no problem reaching your goals though the amount of time it’ll take is anybody’s guess. It really depends on your dedication plus your physiological makeup. I’d say though that it is possible in the time frame you’ve set. You’ve definitely come to the right place. Good luck.

No this is not a good plan. Don’t even consider using that routine until you have 3 months of solid PE under your belt. Start with the Newbie Routine. Then after 2-3 months consider where you go from there. If you jump straight to that routine you’ll jump straight to injury and time off for injury is time not gaining.

Your goals seem reasonable in the time frame but don’t bet on it, there is a lot of variation in gains. Think of a mid term goal if you need a goal.

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That’s a really bad reply, sorry. What I mean is build up to that routine if you are going to use it. 2 months on the Newbie routine and a quick step to that routine full force is a recipe for injuries.

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Yeah, I guess I forgot to mention that I would build up to it. I was planning on using Mem’s after I conditioned myself in order to do it.

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