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Rice sock

Rice sock

I have started using a rice sock (a regular sock filed with uncoocked rice) for warm-up.
It smells a bit when heated up (2 minutes in microwave oven).

How long can I use the same rice before replacing it? I guess mildew could start growing after a while?


Be sure to use REAL rice, not Minute Rice!!! VERY IMPORTANT!!

I have been using my rice sock since early June and it is still going strong. I couldn’t tell you how long they are suppose to last because this is my first one.

2 minutes seems a bit long in the microwave. I guess that depends on the wattage of your oven though. I double up the socks on mine and find it very comfortable.

Oden and Otis:

I tried the rice sock at first, and it worked OK. But I am one to

experiment. I have used ELBOW MACARONI for over 4 months.

I don’t know how long I can go before changing the macaroni. I knot

the first sweat sock, and put two more socks over the knotted one.

The macaroni is lighter, and holds heat for 10 minutes or longer if

you cover it with 3 or 4 layers of bath towel. There is a slight

scorched smell, but not quite as much as with rice.

For those who prefer a shower because it is wet, will find that

you get a moist heat from the macaroni. It must absorb moisture

from the air between uses. I have a low powered microwave, and

need 2.00-2.25 minutes to get it hot.

I experimented with small rocks that we call pea gravel in local

construction circles. I figured they would hold heat for a long time.

The rocks were white and gray in appearance, but must have

had iron content. I had a smoldering mess after 30 seconds in

the microwave.

Does brown rice work? Or do you need to use white rice?


I believe any rice will work as long as it isn’t pre-cooked rice.

Here’s the way I do it:

Take a long to medium sock, put 1 cup (250ml) of white uncooked rice there, tie a knot about in the middle, microwave 2 min on high, apply, insulate using empty end of the sock if rice is too hot

I, being of sound engineering mind, do PE in a clandestine manner. Yes, I’m afraid of my wife and the scene to follow.

I use the products at hand. In my case, I use birdseed. Now don’t laugh too long because has a fine grain, absorbs and carries a high moisture content and heats up in my micro-wave in 1min 20sec to a comfortable level.

What molecules the m-w excites are water so it is the process of heating the 5-12% (depending on the grain and total kernel volume) water already resident in the grain that you are capitalizing on.

Does the water need to be replenished? Yes

How? Normal air humidity is around 50% (unless you are from Florida or Illinois then it is 1000% year round or Arizona then you are really screwed) and the grain has an affinity for the moisture. So, it happens automatically in the down time between your daily exercise routines.

Does it “wear” out? Well, I don’t think I’m an expert but…you are really just moisturizing/drying the grain, I don’t think it’ll wear out but maybe could spoil over time or collect bacteria but I don’t think it would actually wear out. Well maybe it could be overcooked.

Don’t invite the neighbors.

How good it is in your opinion (experts) -for a warmup- to insert dick in a glass (a tall, tall one, of course, so it can be contained.

The glass must be filled with hot or very warm water, I forgot to say.

I’ve been using one of those hot/cold gel things you buy for $3.95 in the first aid department of a drug store. They’re kind of a blue-green gel, and there’s a cloth pocket it fits into. 45 secs or so in a microwave, depending on how warm or cold it is to start with, and it’s ready to go. It holds its heat for a long time, and probably lasts indefiniately, or until you puncture it. You can wrap it around, cram it in your pants, etc. If size is an issue - don’t we wish - you could even stick little willy down in the cloth pocket with it.

another handy thing are those glasses they offer. You know the glasses filled with the blue-gel used by women (and men) to let their eyes get a bit of a relax. You can warp it around your dick by ease and since it has velcro fasteners it can fixed by ease. So you get your hands of. Very handy but I dont have a mircowave. But hot water does it too since it’s waterproof.

Praise the lord! We got cool-gel.

I have just started on this website and have not yet tried to perform any of the exercises cause I am trying to read up on it as much as possible before I begin. This is my first post…

For my heating source I am going to be using a MagicPad bag that I had bought almost two years ago. I bought it for my neck pains that I was experiencing. I just think it would be a good option because it’s not like you need to worry about hiding it (doubt you leave your rice sock out sitting on the coffee table) and it keeps heat for a long period of time up to 25 minutes.

It’s mainly just a expensive rice sock that looks nice.Got mine for like $12

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