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Retracting penis

Retracting penis

Is it a sign of bad circulation?? Why does it happen?

Not necessarily. In fact, there’s likely a genetic disposition toward this somewhat- at least that’s what I keep telling myself. ;)

You *are* talking about the cold-induced “shrinky dink” effect when you say retraction, right? Loss of flaccid hang?

My theory is that certain genotypes from Northern climates may be more prone to this than others (as an evolutionary defense against frostbite in the extremities)… but I could be wrong.

Yes thats what I am talking about. I really want to know if it is because of bad circulation. Is there anyway thats this could be determined at a visit to the docs as far as bad circulaton to yhe penis? Anyone else know?

Have you ever had any other issues related to circulatory problems like extremities getting cold or falling asleep, or passing out when you stand up suddenly, etc.- something like Low Blood Pressure?

Nah not really, your theory might be right though. It’s just very annoying that it gets like that.

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