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Sometimes my flaccid size is really really really small. I got the TherapWrap but everytime I put it on, my dick shrinks and retracts inside of the wrap. I tried putting the wrap as tight as possible but again my dick retracts. Is there anyway to get a better flaccid hang and stop my penis from retracting?

I also noticed this maybe the cause of not seeing any length gains. After 6 weeks of manual stretching and jelqing, it’s getting harder to fully stretch my penis. As soon as I stretch, my penis starts to widen, and I have to stop stretching and wait 2-3 minutes to be completely flaccid again. This is making manual stretching a real pain; 15 reps take almost 45 minutes to do. Any advice?

Try stretching after masturbation, see if that helps staying flaccid. PE gets boring pretty quickly but maybe 6 weeks is too soon. Watching that rounders game you guys in the US like might help.

Getting the penis used to being stretched without reacting is maybe a matter of time and familiarity but try stretching a bit when you take a piss (maybe in a cubicle at work or in clubs). Take a hot bath instead of a shower and spend 5 minutes stretching in the bath.

Fowfers (see the PE FAQ) are supposed to be good for flaccid hang, certainly worth trying.

Also if you are worried about your flaccid in a particular situation give a couple of tugs before entering the situation, makes a temporary difference.

6 weeks isn’t long but you should probably be seeing a flaccid improvement. Whats your whole routine?

Some good advice from Mem there, the only thing I would add, is try wrapping both your dick and balls and make it tight. Assuming of course you haven’t tried that already.

Water drink lots of water and take NOX2. The NOX2 is a vasodilator that widens the arteries allowing more blood flow. More blood flowing into the penis makes it heavy. The more you hydrate your body by drinking lots of water the tissues in the penis become heavy. The heavier your penis the better it hangs. Also keeping the wrist wrap on after you hang, especially during sleep will allow micro-tears to heal extended. This is all a well-worn thread. Do a wild card search for flaccid hang, turtling penis NOX2, Fowfers etc.

Good Luck

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Start concentrating more on jelqing and less on stretching. I think jelqing will contribute more to your flaccid hang and help with blood flow and erect size. Try doing my girth blasters routine. My flaccid hang has improve greatly since doing girth blasters.

Girth Blasters New Jelq Technique


But I am scared of the “thicker cable is harder to stretch” theory. Length gain is my top priority right now and I am considering hanging soon. I still do a fair amount of jelqing. I guess only time will tell; I am just a little disappointed that after 6 weeks, I don’t see any gains whatsoever.

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