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Results after 13 days

Results after 13 days

Ok Guys here we go:

I started everything on March 3rd 2006.

Size that I “know” but unmeasured this time is 6” erect and 5” girth, give or take.

I did now flaccid measures as it is pretty cold these days, and everything fluctuates within minutes.

I did the PE via traction for 6 days. Some PE in the shower, but, I’m having troubles staying, or getting, hard.

First 4 days 3 hours
4 hours the next day
6 hours the following.

4 days break - due to car troubles and not being able to wear the unit.

3 hours of traction after the breaks
5 hours the next day
4 the following
And 2 hours so far today.

I plan to do at least another 8, but, we’ll see how it goes. (Trying to catch up to missed days)

The traction unit has a real learning curve.
Seems easy, then hard, etc.

Hard to stay in the unit.

I’m currently using silcone and a clamp.

I have done some clamping, but only to what is comfortable.

This morning I woke up, and had to take a major horse piss.

I got semi hard and clamped for about 2 minutes. My Cock was HARD in the clamp. I’m not sure about the cock in the body though.

I took off the clamp and measured. Ok, my cock was hard and was standing. But, I’m not sure if this is a true erection or an artificial one due to the clamp. That being said, the measurement came back about an inch short.

I’m guessing the flaccid I am about 4”. But with the cold air lately, I have like one ball, pressing into me. LOL.

SO FAR, However, I have noticed a fuller looking cock dangling lower. Also, it has taken on a definite reddish appearance.

Any suggestions on how to keep hard in the shower, or traction, would be appreciated.


After reading the results at
The PE Survey results!

I think I’ll stop jerking off.

In fact, when I did try PE before (and paid for lifetime membership and didn’t receive that). I was jerking off a lot, while flaccid.

I was then unable to get an erection that was usable.

A few years ago I was taking the penis pills, tribulus, NO2, protein shakes and peanut butter ( all testosterone boosters) and still wasn’t that hard.

According to Dr. Lin’s website, the parasympathetic nervous system was over tired. My liver and and weight could have been a problem too (I was very sick for years).

I stopped jerking off, but once a week, but still got very little rest.

When I started working out my weakened heart. (Races very quickly), as my heart trained better the erections were harder. I also used a vibrator and manual massaged my inside cock where the damage was to be.

I think I’ll try to get down to ejaculating only once a week. Uhm, .. That’ll hard. I usually cum 3 - 4 times a day or more. I guess I’ll just have to lick her instead.


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