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Is it ok to rest for more then a week after a month of PE? I don’t have the time to do PE now as I am very bz and it has been more then a week. Will it effect my gains? I’m trying to resume PE tomorrow.

Sometimes you just got to do what you got to do. The main thing is to start back up correctly. Don’t start up at the same levels you were at when you took your break. Take it nice and easy in both time and pressure for a few days until everything comes back up to speed.

I have a problem.I just started PEing but now can’t seem to stop. I don’t wanna rest just wanna grow but I don’t over do it

Well you have to work your way up to whatever you want. Start off with something like this.

Week 1-2: 2 on/1 off
Week 3-4: 3 on/1 off
1 Month: 4 on/1 off

That should give you enough time to build up the endurance to go longer, and after a month you should be ready for 4 on/1 off.

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