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Please Help

Please Help

I began jelqing in about October and I didn’t realize that I was too erect for the exercises. My penis now lost length and girth and is extremely soft and malleable. I have lost my sex drive and my orgasms, erections and load sizes are all very weak.

I am shit scared and really worried right now. I think I might have caused some vein or nerve damage and I need help. I don’t even get morning erections.

Should I let my penis rest and try doing PC exercises? Or is surgery likely to be the only option available to repair blood flow and add my length back?

I am very frightened and I need to know what steps I should take to get my life back.

Any advice is appreciated. God Bless.

OK, take it easy, you’ll be alright.
Take a break for awhile.
I and other’s here do erect jelqing, I can assure you,
I’ve only gained in length and girth.
Makes me wonder if your not going too intensely.
You have to intuitively know the proper intensity I believe.

It can’t, as far as I can imagine, effect “load size”

So I’m wondering, if your masturbating more frequently,
or having more sex than usual.
This would account for a decrease in sex drive,
less frequent erections and a smaller load size.

You didn’t mention if there was less overall sensitivity.
You also didn’t mention any type of hardened vein,
either of these is way more commonly complained of in regards to jelqing,
erect or not.

In any case, take some time off, say the next week,
do hot wraps several times a day,
take at least 325mg. of acetominophen daily, and I think you’ll find all will be well.

MGO, man rest a little, it’ll pop back to normal. I thought I killed my peter with a cock ring. A couple days later, it’s comming back to life. I too find it damned near imposible to jelq without achieving a massive erection. It just feels so good. Since that is the case, I’m really carefull about my intensity level. It may take longer to realize some gains but at least when you do, you’ll be able to put them to use.

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Thanks guys, I’ll rest up and we’lll see how it does.

I just can’t stand not spontaneous erections and the morning wood.

Way too soft in resting condition

Like I said earlier, my erections are now not as hard as they used to be, and I haven’t had morning wood in a while.

My penis length and girth has also shrank. Is there ANY way to gain girth back?

I’m pretty sure all the bad stuff (weakness, loss of sensetivity) occured after jelqing, so I’m hesitant to do any exercises.

Any advice would be appreciated.

mgoblow55555 - I moved your new post into this thread. Since your question is on the same topic there’s no need to start a new thread.

It’s only been two days. I thought you were going to take a break. Give it 7 to 10 days.

Hey mgoblow55555,

You have been given the best advice, to take 7-10days off. As far as the loss of length/girth, you probably can’t sustain a full erection during measuring, that would account for the apparent loss of size.

Try not to worry. Much of this issue is probably psychological. You are scared that your penis is broken, so you can’t get or sustain a good erection. I’ve seen many posts on the old forums where guys have gone through the exact same issue. So relax, don’t think about it, your penis is not broken it will be fine.

Keep in mind that most cases of impotency are mental not physical.


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